The Men in White

by C.A. Parra

If I Don't Write To Empty My Mind, I Go Mad. - Lord Byron

It's the Tenth of June, the weather is nice, partly cloudy and some sun shining for the rest of the day. But in the house of little Kenny Patterson, it's a different type of environment. Kenny is six year's old, he lays in his bed sleeping; his blonde hair is spread apart on his white pillow as he is covered in his toy story blanket. His room is full of toys like Woody and Buzz from Toy Story on the ground next to his bed and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures by his closet door that is right next to his bed just a few feet away by the big window that has the blinds of the curtain shut.

His closet door is closed as his bedroom door is wide open, suddenly in the process of little Kennys slumber, he is awaken by sounds of people yelling at the top of their lungs and he also hears the sounds of objects being thrown against the walls of the one story home. Kenny is suddenly startled by the big commotion out from his bedroom, he doesn't know what to do, so he hides under the blanket and waits to see if it stops but it doesn't it seems to be getting louder and louder by the second then.. Bang, bang he can hear the sounds of glass being broken and someone yelling "Stop it, John, please stop it", very clearly and sadly.

Little Kenny is terrified of the horror that is going on in the other room; he thinks it's coming from the living room. He then suddenly gets out of bed and has the bravery of going out and see what is going on, he walks to the hallway and to the left side is a door that leads to the living room and kitchen that is together and the right side is a door to Kenny's Mom and Dad's room. Kenny looks in his Mom and Dad's room and there is no one in there but he sees the digital clock on the nightstand next to their bed that reads: Ten-Thirty A.M.

He remembers when his dad and mom would lay in bed together after school during his school time in Rockdale elementary as he came home every day at three-thirty in the afternoon as they would be rested by themselves during their lunch break. His Mom who was a very beautiful young looking woman who had beautiful long blonde hair and it went down all the way to her buttocks and her smile would brighten up the room every time she saw little Kenny come home to see the both of them laying together in their bed. Suddenly he goes back to reality and stops having his memory.

Then he goes in the right door it leads to the kitchen and the living room where the madness is taking place. He suddenly steps in slowly wearing his spider man Pajama's with white socks and a spider man pajama t-shirt to go with the bottoms goes in the kitchen where everything is on the ground and shattered across the floor and on the counter top is broken plates and suddenly, he steps in the kitchen and cut's himself with the broken glass that was on the floor. He then goes down on the hallway floor and moans in pain of his foot that is bleeding a little but it makes the sock turn from white to red on the bottom of the foot.

Where he can remember it would smell of pancakes, eggs and sausage and he would wake up every morning to see his mom and dad sitting at the counter eating their breakfast and waiting for little Kenny to get up from bed for school. He would see the kitchen nicely clean and very organized and all the plates and cups would be in the cabinets that would be closed all the time. Now it looks like a tornado came in and ruined everything in its path and the smell is nasty of a bad scent of rotten eggs.

He then turns his head to the right to hear is Mom and Dad still yelling and fighting in the room where the TV is and the table is settled at in the middle as he could remember it quite clearly, Where is Dad would sit with him on the couch that is in front of the big window to watch TV. His Dad was nicely build man with a beard and moustache and had short buzz cut that weighed about one-hundred and eighty pounds and that he stood about six feet and two inches and his Mom would be right next to them smiling and rubbing on Kenny's hair as he sat down with them.

He then goes in the living hopping on one foot so he won't hurt his other one, to find the TV busted and the table cracked in half to see his mom and dad wrestling on the ground with scratches on Dad's face and Mom's face is very bruised and beaten and then suddenly the door is busted open and Men in White Suits came in and grabbed Kenny's dad and dragged him outside as his mother still layed in the floor with mouth full of blood and she turns her head to little Kenny transfixed of the scene he just saw and then Kenny's Mom got up and walk to Kenny and hugged him tightly.

"Daddy has to go away for a while Ok, sweetie", Kenny's Mom says in a soft bitter-tone.

Kenny says nothing but he walks out his mother's hands with his mouth wide open and looks out of the big window in the room and see his dad being hauled in by the Men in White and outside his a big white van that reads on the side: Harvey's Psychward Mental Hositpal and he sees his dad being put in the van being taken away from him. He suddenly bursts into tears and starts crying and saying "Where are they taking daddy"?

Kenny sits on the couch rubbing his tears away and looks at his Mommy. She has a look on her face that she doesn't want to tell cause he is too young to know all she can say is "You will know about, once you get older OK", she hugs him tight and rubs his hair back and forth.

Day's later, the house was cleaned up by Kenny's Mom and Kenny was in his room sitting on his bed with his foot patched up but no one can really tell nor see it and he then suddenly gets out of his room and walks in the living room and he does nothing but stands there and just says "Mommy"?

She says "Yes Honey"?

"When are The Men In White going to bring daddy back"?

She looks at him not knowing what to say, all she can say is "I don't Know".

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