The Journey

by Thomas Edward

  The lonely, the cold and the dark are my companions. For too long I have travelled by their side. My existence is a novelty to those who give me no consideration. I linger while alone, hoping that seclusion will rise to inclusion. Every so often, my wish is granted. I begin a journey to once again attain that feeling of belonging. I heed your call. I shall obey. Invite me into the party.

  Greetings to you, the small and lonely brother. I know your emotional pain. Shunned and outcast, you sit by yourself, content to be alone. My time away is sufficient to feel the exclusion that has become you as well. A cold persona is the telling of your solitude. As I make my way past, know that I am happy to have seen you once again. To me, you will always belong.

  Ah, my stormy and turbulent friend, the sight of you never gets me blue. You are oddly magnetic, yet highly energetic and rocky to the core. The rings you wear are a falsity, a facade to your true nature. I know that you can be a bit spotty, like your big brother. I hope he is as colorful as you.

  Oh how you tickle me, old friend. The cherished sense of humor sense you bring about I so enjoy. You brush off jabs and barbs alike. Although it is Greek to me, you go head over heels for the sheer joy of it. A chilly shrug sends me to fraternize with the others.

  My, how you display your feathers, flamboyant one. The rings you flaunt are most ornate, extravagant beyond your siblings. Ever popular, so many admirers circumnavigate you, awaiting your every move. A definite gas beyond all the others, your even warmth is a constant and a wonder. You are a vision, one I shall not so easily forget.

  A joyful sight you are, big protecting brother. Your singular, focused sight is unwavering. You look upon me with intrigue and I stare back. There is heaviness to your personality. Carefully, I pass by soaking up your hospitality. I am thankful, yet anxious. Meeting again is an absolute, but only once I have paid my respects to the moderator of this get together. I leave your protective shield behind. Wish me well.

  Wading through the riff-raff that clutters my way, I wonder why are they allowed to loiter. I pray to bypass these rambling gypsies, making a safe passage through. They wander, then scatter, causing their own tedious trouble, eventually becoming an annoyance to the peaceful members of the gathering. Of little worth or consequence, I am satisfied to be gone from their harassment, still determined.

  A contrasted welcome is capped by an ever present icy disposition. Your sterile, but colorful exterior outshines most of your brethren. Your subtle hints of existence intrigue, but disappoint, making my time with you uneventful. To see you again is comforting, but there is a rendezvous I must not be late for.

  The ever consistent tag along, you are the silent partner. Always in a celestial dance, you never miss a step. Only disguised by a half smile, you tango past, unimpeded. The request to waltz is an appreciative gesture, but a partner you already have. I look forward to one of my own.

  I am greeted by the elaborate one of the bunch. When I get close enough to greet you again, I see and am in awe. The complex character that is you, the one in a thousand zests for life only adds to your distinctness. My exhibition, as you set your eyes upon me, is absorbed with interest. I can only visit for so long before I disembark. I am grateful to your eager social admiration. May it never be withdrawn.

  Ah, the lovely lady I envision when I am away. Never do you disappoint me as our paths intersect once again. How the sight of you is always a grand vision. I struggle with the pressure you put upon me. To engage your will only taunts my need to pursue my final destination. As I head to my next encounter, I bless you, dear lady.

  When I greet you again, your fiery demeanor is a familiar reminder. As close to the festivities as you are, the atmosphere about you is almost nonexistent. Your footprint is minuscule, but your presence is evident. You tickle the notion to play, but stay at a distance to watch. You let me join the party. I appreciate your discretion.

  Finally, I return to you with your proposition to dance. Around we twirl and sway in a graceful display that highlights our intertwined relationship. The social butterfly that you are, you have bestowed such a gracious invitation upon me. I can never deny your request. Like a flirtatious display between engaging peacocks, we spread our wings to amaze and astound. The rest of the gathering exudes jealousy over our synergy. We swing in a constant clash of force, ever so gently tickling the notion to oblige our desire to embrace. A push, countered by a pull, only the undulation of our bodies garners fascination. The grandeur that is your warm-heartedness brings a lively tempo to our promenade. I blissfully dwell in the shower of your benevolence, wishing it could persevere for an eternity.

  Alas, my time has come, and I must go. The festive moments we shared, I shall cherish as I venture away once again. The care and comfort you have shown me shall last my rhetorical journey. So long my temporary family, I must exit how I came. I say a grateful goodbye to each and all, until next time I see your light shine my way on my journey.

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