Trauma of Sally Mcbride

by Marius Krige

By Marius Krige

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Loud punk rock music plays as the erotic dancer seduces the crowd at the stage as she spins around the dancing pole with her sexy long legs wrap around it with her legs fully extended. Sally minds her own business as she walks in a dancing fashion to the beat of the music, serving her customers at the bar. Sher takes four tall glasses from the cabinet underneath the bar and place them neatly side-by-side on the counter top in a perfect row. She turns around and stretches to the top shelf as she holds on to a lower shelf with her other hand to maintain her balance, she takes down the bottle of expensive brandy. Her tightly fitted shirt lifts as she stretches, exposing her hidden tribal tattoo on her lower back. She prepares the four glasses with lots of ice and halfway with golden brown brandy, she slams the drinks softly on the napkins in front of each customer to the beat of the hardcore punk rock music. She moves over to the cash register and places the money inside the till drawer and drops her tip in the tips jar with her name on. On the other side of the bar is a man holding his hand in the air to get Sally's attention.

"Yes sir, what can I get you?" she asks as she leans across the counter with her medium sized breasts pressed against her forearms making her cleavage more visible.

"Hi." he looks down to her cleavage as her breasts is pressed together. "Can I please have a Lager?" he asks smiling friendly at her.

Sally turns to the fridge, which is thigh height, where she bends down with her knees to get the beer. He stretches over to get a better look at Sally's ass as it fits tightly into her short black jeans with a sparkling pattern reflecting the disco light off of her left butt cheek and revealing her black silk g-string.

"Nice." he says to himself with satisfaction as he sits back down on the barstool before she turns back around.

"Here you go, sir. It will be $8" she hands him the beer and hold out her hand to take the money.

"Ben." he says as he takes $10 out of his expensive black wallet.

Ben looks up at her and saw her expression has changed, is it an expression of confusion or not caring. Unsure of what expression is on her face he hands her the $10 and touches her hands gently with his fingers. Slowly he slides his fingers over her hand as he says to her again.

"You can call me Ben." he smiles.

Sally turns to the cash register saying nothing to get Ben's change. Ben leans again over the counter to check out her beautiful figure eight body and athletic leg. She suddenly turns around before he could sit back down as she catches him staring at her body. She walks over with no expression now on her face, almost to give him a hint that she is not interested in him or his name.

"Your change, sir, enjoy." she says to him politily in a sarcastically as she gives him his $2 change with no emotion expressed.

"You can keep the change." he says to her but she ignored him and turns around to serve another customer.

"Call me." he says with a louder voice as a last attempt to get her attention, but he fell short of what he was expecting.

The music flow steadily into a seductive melody as the light dim to a point where nothing could be seen on stage as some whistling is heard coming from the crowd. With a sudden beat of the drum, the music takes life and the stage spotlight lights up the stage, making Crystal, the erotic dancer on stage, the centre of attention. She captivates the crowd with her red high heel shoes and long legs covered with easy to rip of red leather pants. She snaps around, leaning against the dancing pole and slides down seductively, she bites on her bottom lip, her head is tilted backwards and eyes closed. She spreads her legs and puts her hand in front of her virgina and rubs her clitouris with her middle finger over her sexy red leather pants. She goes on her knees and puts her one hand on the stage, still rubbing her clitouris with her finger, moaning with pleasure. Crystal crawls over to the edge of the stage and instructs one of the crowd members to rip off her leather pants. He struggles with the pants as she starts laughing at him, finally he manage to getsit off. She turns to him on her knees, with the tip of her red painted nail underneath his chin she pulls him so close that he can feel the warmth of her cherry red lips just a few millimeters away from his. She pushes him away and show him the money she took from his pocket without him knowing, as to say thank you and blows him a kiss. With a huge smile he sit back down, frantically explaining to his buddies how awesome that was.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Sally started to slow down serving the customers at the bar; she stares at Crystals beautiful body as her nipple starts to get hard and her heart is pounding out of control . She prepares another drink for Ben, this time he wants to have a glass of brandy. She vigorously throws the ice into the glass, almost breaking it, and pours the glass full of brandy messing all over the counter as she notice Crystal seducing and almost kissing a guy at the edge of the stage. Ben looks at Sally and sees the anger and jealousy in her eyes as she is looking at Crystal.

"O, I see. She is a lesbian and her lover is on stage seducing another man." he whispers to himself. "No matter, I will still leave my number."

"Here." without asking for the money she grabs a bucket of ice out behind the bar and walks out behind the counter. With a loud enough voice Ben says to her as she move through the crowd to the stage.

"What about the money?" with his hands in the air holding the money in one hand, she turns around and flips him off.

"O my gosh, didn't expect that one, I'll just leave the money here with my number, just for incase." Ben tells himself as he write down his number on the napkin and puts the money underneath it with the empty glass on top before he went to the toilet. Without thinking straight and possesed with jealousy, Sally throws the bucket of ice over the guy as he is still frantically explains the awesomeness of the experience he just had with Crystal.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!" he screams as he jumps up because of the sudden cold ice cubes falling all over his head.

"COOL DOWN, OR GET OUT, ASSHOLE!" she screams at him as the anger and jealousy pushes her to explode. She turns around to go back to the bar as her manager saw what just happened in his stripclub.

"Fuckin' bitch." he says softly as he shakes the ice cubes off.

"I will fuck you tonight, you whore!!" he screams at her as Ben walks out of the toilet and hear what this guy is saying to Sally as she ignores him.

With one blow to the side of the head, the guy falls to the ground not knowing where he is. Ben kneels down and grabs him in front of the chest; he smashes his face in with two more hits. Two other members of the crowd pulls Ben off and holds him back as they try to calm Ben down.

"Looks like you got fucked." Ben shakes his hand out and walks out.

* * * * *

Meanwhile at the bar Sally took Ben's empty glass, money and napkin. She notices something written on it and realizes that Ben left his number for her. She walks over to the cash register to put the money away and throw the napkin in the rubbish bin.

"Fucking Idiot." upset she tells herself.

"Sally!" someone calls from the office above the bar with a dominating voice.

"Yes sir." she answers with a high toned voice as she know she did something wrong.

"Come see me in my office, bring Crystal with you." instructed Sally's manager.

"Yes sir, I'll be up just now." she says to her manager.

"NOW!!" he yells back at her with anger.

After awhile, Sally knock on her manager's door, Sally and Crystal opens the door to the managers office, they walk in and stand behind the two chairs at the desk. The manager puts his pen down and sits back in his chair and ask politely.

"What happened out there?" his face is turning red and his hand turns white from the pressure of his fist.

"Nothing, sir." says Sally with guilt in her eyes.

"NOTHING! GET OUT, YOUR'E FIRED!" her manager jumps up and points to the door.

"Didn't I tell you this would happen, Crystal? In this place, lovers don't work together, especially when it's your girlfriend." He turns to Sally. "Didn't I tell you to leave, close the door behind you?"

Sally's manager got out from behind his desk and follow her to the door, Sally closes the door behind her and hear the door locks from the inside. She stand there for a while as she cries with her face cupped in her hands. Suddenly she hear a slap inside the office.

"I told you not to bring your lesbian girlfriend here!" as he slaps Crystal to the ground. "Looks like I need to teach you a lesson." as he takes off his belt.

Sally starts running to the bar and gets her stuff from underneath the counter and grabs Ben's number from the trash. The guy at the stage, still wet from the ice cold ice cubes, saw Sally run from the office crying, grabbing her stuff and out the door.

"I'll see you guys later." he says to his buddies as he gets up slowly, to follow Sally.

Sally stand at the door, fixing up her rainjacket and umbrella as there is no taxi's available to take her home. She decides to walk home and wait for Crystal to finish her shift. The rain falls hard around her and on her umbrella and the wind blows mildly. She decides to take a short cut down a dark ally, she hesitates a few times.

"Nothing will happen I'll just walk faster." softly Sally convinces herself.

Halfway down the ally she get a weird feeling that she is not alone in the ally. She looks over her shoulder as she walks faster. Behind her someone runs from the side walk to a dumpster and hide behind it. Sally hears the running footsteps, she stop and turns suddenly around to see if someone is following her.

"Who's there!? she ask with fear in her voice.

She looks everywhere behind her as she slowly start to walk backwards. She turns around and look to the front of her as she walks with a faster pace.

"There's nothing behind me, there's nothing behind me." She softly say to herself repeatedly.

Walking faster and faster, she suddenly hear a glass bottle rolling on the ground. She gets a freight and screams as she starts running with all that's in her. She trips over something, but gets up quickly and glaces behind her to make sure that there is no one there. She start running again until she gets home. She enters her house and lock the door. Leaning against the door she starts crying as she slides down to the ground with her face in her hands. A loud bang on the door gave her a fright, she screams at the top of her lungs.

"Ma'am, are you alright, it's sergant Bailey from the police department." says the voice on the other side of the door.

Sally wipes the tears from her eyes and stands up to look through the peep hole, it's dark and only a figure of a man can be seen. She switches the outside light on and look again, still no light.

"Yes officer, I'm okay." she replies softly.

"Oh, I saw you running so I thought I'll just check in." he explaines.

"No I'm fine, thank you." She replies back.

"Okay then, enjoy your evening." He says to her and turns around.

Relieved she goes and sits in front of the TV still with some tears rolling down her cheek, she wipes it off and falls asleep after a while.

Sally slept for about two and a half hours after which she wakes up of a noise coming from their bedroom up stairs. She sits up still very much a sleep, she stretches out and rubs her sour neck from lying on the sofa. She looks at the time, it's 2:45am. Sally gets up and after a second stretch, she walks over to bottom of the stairs.

"Crystal, is that you babes?" she asks but theres no reply. She walks up a few steps and stops.

"Babes, is that you?" she asks conserned.

She starts undressing piece by piece as she climb the stairs, first her top. She gets to the top of the stairs and kick of her sneakers and socks.

"Baby, I've got a suprise for you, it's wet and just for you." said Sally with a playfull voice, she undo her bra and throws it over the staircase handrails to the ground floor. She walks into the room and there is no one in the room or bed.

"Babe? Where are you?" she looks around the room as the moonlight shines on her soft round breasts.

Suddenly from behind someone touches her breasts and glently pinches her hard round nipples.

"Mmmm... That feels nice." moans Sally biting her bottom lip."

Are you still fine, Sally." says an unfamiliar male voice as he shoved her onto the bed.

She quickly turns around as she realise that it's not Crystal and starts to cry.

"Who are you, what do you want!?" cries Sally."

I told you, I'm gonna fuck you tonight." he says as he undo his pants.

"Please, don't. Pleeaase!" she sits back up as she begs him to stop.

"Shut up bitch, it's your turn now." as he slaps her and rips open her jeans.

"Please, no. HELP!!" she screams at the top of her lungs.

He slaps her again and with all her might she is able to shove him off of her. She jumps up and runs for the bathroom. The rapist grabs hold of her foot and she falls to the ground.

"I'll teach you not to throw ice over me, you cunt." he says as he tries to get a better grip on her foot.

She kicks him in the head so hard that his head snaps back and looses his grip on her foot.

"Aaarg! You bitch!" he moans of the pain."

You shouldn't of done that you whore." he threatens her.

She managed to get to the bathroom and locks the door. Sally hides between the toilet and bath crying softly as the rapist tries to open the door, bashing with his fists and kicking the door. Sally frantically searches for her phone and pulls it out of her pocket, her tips she made at the bar and some other stuff falls out onto the floor as she dials Crystal's number.

"The person you have dialed is not available at present, please tr..." she hangs up the phone.

Fuuuck!" screams Sally shaking the phone.

"Trying to call Crystal? I took care of that bitch too after your boss was finished with her. She tasted nice, and now it's your turn!" he threatens her again as he kick and bash against the door with his shoulder.

"Nooo! HEEELP!" screams Sally as she notice the napkin on the floor, she quicly realises that it's Bens number.

She kneels down to dial his number, after dialing some numbers, she drops her phone and the battery jumps out. She quickly pick it up and struggles to put it back together.

"Sally..." he mocks her from the outside of the bathroom. "Open this fucking door, you bitch!!"

"Stop it!!!" she screams back at him.

Finally the phone started up and she attempts to call Ben again. The phone rings a few times.

"Benjamin Roberts speaking, how ca..." Ben answers the phone but was interrupted by Sally.

"Please help me, there's someone here." interrupts Sally frantically with a crying voice.

"Excuse me, what now?" asks Ben confused.

"Someone is in my house, his trying to rape me! Help me, please." she cries so much Ben couldn't quite to make out what she's saying.

"Okay, calm down, who's speaking." ask Ben still a little confused.

"It's Sally from the clu..." she says over the phone as the battery dies.

"O no, Sally." Ben says to himself with consern as he quickly go to his call log to find her number, but it shows unknown.

"Shit! Where's my keys." he says to himself as he search for his car keys, he pulls them from his back pocket and runs to his pitch black mustang parked in his driveway. With the screaching of his tires, making the neighbourhood dogs bark, he speeds to the 24hour diner were she works at by day, as this is were he saw her the first time. He gets out of his car and into the diner without closing the door of his mustang with the engine still running.

"Molly! Molly!" He screams as he run into the dinner, bumping into his uncle Joe.

"Uncle Joe, were's Molly?"

"She's at home, sick. What's wrong Ben?"

"Fuck! Do you know were that Sally girl stays."

"Yes, but I can't give you that information. Why do you want to know."

"It's a long story, but she just called me, there's a man in her house trying to rape her."

"Okay, okay. She lives two streets up to the left, number 17."

"Thanks uncle." Ben runs back to his car and spun away leaving a cloud of dust behind.

"Be careful Benjamin, I'll call the cops." scream Joe as he gets up from the floor and run to the phone.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, back at Sally's house, she is trying to switch on her dead phone, without success, she throws the phone towards the bathroom door. The bashing stops and there's dead silence. She crawls to the door and presses her ear against the door to listen for a sign that the rapist is gone.

"Sally." he says softly and start laughing.

"No! leave me alone!" screams Sally at him while she is crying.

With one big kick, the door breaks open. With a smile and hate in his eyes he unzip his pants again.

"It's time slut, and no one is coming to help you." he tells her as he slowly walks over to rape her.

"Noo! HEEEELLLP!" screams Sally crying for help.

Suddenly Ben appears and tackles the rapist into the wash basin. They fall to the ground, but Ben gets up first.

"Didn't we already went a round, you and me." ask Ben as the rapist slowly gets up.

With a surge of strength the rapist tackles Ben into the wall, punching him in the stomach and face.

"Yes, but now I have the upper hand, you will die today too."

The rapist pulls a knife and swing it at Ben. Ben stops him from stabbing him in the neck as he catches his arm, but he doesn't have enough strength to overpower the rapist. Ben kicks him in the groin with his knee to regain control. He pushes the rapist to the bathroom door and moves between Sally and the rapist. The rapist regains his balance and Ben starts running towards him to perform another tackle, but he dodges Ben and Ben runs into the staircase handrail.

"You are fuckin' dead, first I am gonna kill you and then I'll be fucking the life out of her!" the rapist threatens Ben as he turns him around and choke Ben over the handrail.

Sally gets up and pushes them both over the handrail and they fall to the ground floor. Ben falls facing downwards and the rapist falls on his neck breaking it.

"Ben!" yells Sally as she runs down the stairs to Ben.

"Aargh." he moans with pain as he turns over.

"Don't move, you're hurt." she says to him with concern as she holds his hand.

Ben reaches out and hands Sally her bra with agony and pain.

"Here, aargh, cover up, you will catch,aargh, a cold." he says to her playfully with pain in his voice, she takes her bra and slap him softly on his chest.

"Oooouuuch! I just fell one story on my chest and face." he jokes with a painfull smile.

"Oh, I'm sorry Ben, fogive me."

"Only if I can take you out on a date, then, aaargh, we can take it from there." he says to her as she smiles at him with relief and apreciation.

Two years later, on a sunny spring day and soft blue sky with no clouds in sight, the singing of birds and church bells can be heard for miles. Lots of people are gathered in front of the church doors as the wedding march plays in the background. A couple dressed in white appears in the church door way, it's Sally and Ben on their weddingday and Sally more beautiful than ever as she is is glowing of happiness. They start to walk slowly out of the church as their friends and family starts to throw red and pink rose leaves over them.

"I love you, Sally." whispers Ben in Sally's ear and kiss her on her cheek as a joyfull tear rolls down her cheek.


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