Lady Astra

by Sally Loveday

We have a new "second hand" car

Lady Astra is her name

I'm afraid "the Beast" just had to go

It's such a crying shame

Her ladyship is silver

An estate is her make

It's surprising just how big she is

And some filling she does take

I don't mind putting diesel in

Although she does like a drink

I mean all of Philips stuff

Where to put it all I have to think

Lady has a very large backend

I mean where the boot should be

Tubas, trombones and cornets too

There's tons of room for me

My doggies also like the car

Because now they get to ride

Off to Ogmore and Llantwit beach

To play amidst the tides

The new car is to me really posh

But not "too posh" for me to use

She's definitely a special car

That my heart with pride is sufficed

June 2004 Sally Ann Loveday

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