by Sally Loveday

This is a tale about a cat,

Who did because he could?

And the rascal goes by the name,

Unusually of PUD.

Well actually his full name,

Is "Pudding-Head McWhisker-Face" because you see?

When he's eaten all of his food,

He's pudding-shaped to a 'T'.

A cat of mystery,

He goes where he likes,

Normally a placid Pud,

But he really likes to fight,

Comes in for a cat-nap,

And a cuddle/scratch or two,

Not a better Moggy to be found,

And this is absolutely true.

And so to end this poem,

Before he leaves the house,

Out on nocturnal hunting,

In search no doubt a mouse.

Sally Loveday 27 August 2002

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