One Week

by Mutahara Qadirian

One Week

It was a nice sunny day outside in the month of June in Toronto, Canada. Mary wakes up from her bed thinking it was her day off, however she soon realized that she was mistaken and she rushes to get ready Oh, no I have to go, she said immediately getting out of her bed, rushing to get ready, she decided to call to her office to inform that she will be running late. I will be there in 15 minutes, dont start the meeting yet. She yelled into the phone. As usual she arrives a little bit late. Rushing into her office, she sees that the clients are all staring at her. Oh, sorry lets start the meeting immediately. She shouts. Once the presentation is over and the deal is made Mary feels relieved. The clients leave and Mary tells her secretary that she wants to throw a party, since the deal that she always wanted was finally made. Okay, arrange an office party and call all the clients and staff that are involved, to come and join us in cracking the deal. She tells her. The secretary leaves and Mary decides to go home and get ready, as the party will start soon. She goes home and gets all ready, wearing a white dress, with red high heels, and she looks stunning.

            Mary soon arrives at the party looking gorgeous, with everyones eyes on her. A girl gives her compliments saying Wow, you look so amazing. While the party was going well and everyone was enjoying it, Mary meets a guy named Carlos, a tall young man, with blue eyes, and short spiked up black hair.

He introduces himself Hi, you must be Mary? She feels shocked and wonders how he knows her name. Yes, it is Mary, but sorry I didnt recognize you? He answers Sorry, forgot to introduce myself, my name is Carlos, and I work at the same company that the deal was made with. I just couldnt come to the meeting that day. But I heard a lot of interesting things about you. Mary replies oh okay, its nice to meet you too. Carlos asks her if they should go and grab a drink and Mary agrees. They spend the whole night talking with each other.

It was around 9 oclock in the morning, when Mary opens her eyes and she gets up and her head feels a bit dizzy. She notices that someone is sleeping beside her and is shocked. She screams Oh My God! The guy gets up as he hears her scream, and its none other than Carlos. Mary! he shouts, and she shouts back Carlos! both unaware of what happened between did we get here, I dont remember a single thing. Mary says. Carlos replies Even I dont remember anything.

            There it was she notices a nice diamond ring on her finger. Oh, God what is this, where did this wedding ring come from. Carlos looks at her in shock.I think, I kind of remember what happened between us last night we were drinking together at the office party in the bar, and then we got really drunk so we went outside to the parking lot, so that we can go in the car and go around the city and hangout, and then we went to a nearby place, where the party was held, but I dont remember what we did there. Mary was listening to this, while in a state of shock. They decide to go and check out that place and see what actually happened between them. They arrive there and they go inside to check it out. As they enter they see couples waiting in a room and they have forms in their hands, and both Mary and Carlos have no idea of what they were doing there last night.

As they go to sit down, some tall white lady, with short blonde hair and blue eyes comes and starts talking to them about some things that happened, with both Mary and Carlos listening to her, and not understanding anything she was talking about. You guys are here again. You are the same people last night that came here and wanted to get married. I guess you guys were bit drunk. She says this in a happy way. Carlos screams WHAT! We got married. Mary stands still and is unable to move from her spot, with her eyes wide open. Carlos looks at Mary and tries to get her out of shock, while doing that she faints and falls to the ground. Carlos picks her up and puts her on the chair, and sprinkles water on her so that she can open her eyes. She opens her eyes slowly and starts to shout out loud saying I never knew that I would ever face this kind of situation before, its unbelievable. Carlos tries to pacify her and tells her that they will figure something out. Carlos holds Mary and they leave from the place, and they sit in the car, both of them lost in their thoughts. Okay, we need to figure a way out of this mess. Carlos suggests. Mary replies back I dont know what to do, my head is not working right now. Afterward they decide to go to a caf and think about what they should do now since they now got officially married accidentally. They enter the caf and sit at a table near the windows where the entrance was located. Mary pulls her chair and sits on the left side of the table and Carlos sits right across her on the right side.

They stare at each other for about five minutes and break out of it, when the waiter comes and asks them for their order. Mary orders a black coffee and carols orders the same thing as Mary does. Mary asks you drink black coffee too, I could have never guessed. He replies Yes, I love black coffee; its been a few years now. Their coffee arrives, and they start to drink it. They get to the point and start brainstorming on what they should do now. Mary starts saying I think that we should get to know each other before we come up with a decision about our future, especially now that we are officially married. Carlos says I think that is a great idea, I was thinking about the same thing.We should give it a try. They both come to an agreement and decide that they will give each other one week to see if they can get along well. Okay, its a deal. They shake hands and leave the caf.

Next morning, Carlos meets up in front of Marys apartment and they decide to start the day with getting to know what kind of individuals they are. So tell me a bit about yourself. Mary asks grinning at him. Im 28 years old, I live in downtown Toronto by myself, studied business management and now I work, my parents live in Barrie and I have no siblings, I love to travel. Mary looks at him very surprisingly and says I dont know if its a coincidence or not, but we are so similar. I also studied business management and my parents live in Barrie, I have no siblings, I always wanted to travel around the world, and I love to go out and enjoy my life. Carlos is amazed and they both start laughing. As the days go by, they get more and more interested in each other, they get very close and the last day of their one week deal was finally here. They both meet up in the same caf, and sit at the same table as they did one week earlier. Carlos starts with saying now its time for us to come up with a final decision. Mary agrees with him.

            Carlos gets up from the table and he sits on the floor and stares at her. He asks for her hand and says Mary Williams, will you marry me, again? takes out a ring out of his right pocket and Mary looks at him with her hand touching her mouth, and her face filled with astonish. She says Yes, I do, again! they both laugh and he puts the ring on her finger and they hug.

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