Wind Dies

by Kriss H.

(In the thoughts of a young man)

Everyday it's the same old thing. Everyday someone does something wrong, and someone else gets hurt. Everyday something happens, and someone else takes the fall. When will this world realize it needs to change? Life cannot be going like this- people shouldn't be afraid to send their kids to school. They shouldn't be afraid of people in stores or gas stations or baby sitters because of what they'll do.

Life shouldn't be as scary as it is. But it is. There are people out there, bad people, that will do everything in their power to be bad. They will scare the living life out of someone for a thrill. They will victimize young, helpless, innocent, gentle, loving, good people and turn them into people like them. These good people, with good thoughts, innocent hearts, and kind faces don't need to be turned to stone.

And yet here they go. Being cursed for their love. Being beaten for their compassion. Being enslaved to their fear. But who stops it? Who helps them when they need it most? Who tells these people that, no matter what, they will get help? Who holds their hand and says it'll be alright? Who holds them tight, making sure they can sleep? There are so few people in the world that do that, they're an endangered species.

Compassion isn't real anymore, it would seem. Everyday, news report after news report containing terrorism, voilence, hatred, scandalism, rape, kidnapping, murder and death. Parents losing their children, children losing their parents, people losing the most valuable things to them, and worst of all is no one does anything.

In the world with all this pain, why do they add discrimination? Why do they add sexism, racism, religious segregation, nationalism, politicism, and the lack of free will to do anything about it?

Freedom is the biggest lie there is. We have 'free will' to be discriminated, beaten, enslaved, afraid and angry. But it's not real. There is no real freedom. The closest thing to freedom is some of us can sleep at night. Not all of us. Just some of us.

Some say it was always like this. But I don't believe so. I believe once there was a promise made. Life would be good. Compassion would be here. Love would surround all. No one would get hurt. But we, humans, had to make a mistake and lost that promise.

And now, we die as the wind dies.

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