Elephant Farm

by Kevin Rottweiler

man, it is the elephant farm

you can smell the elephants

the animal dung at the farm

knee deep and the apples are falling

on a cool autumn day

like back in college

colorful fall days of the midwest

barking dogs, country life

who wants to see the mountains?

falling leaves and cool days

with hot coffee pouring down

pink throats

and the elephants trumpet

like on Noah's Ark

being used for some sort of mission

with nuclear fission in their tails

as if they are dinosaurs of the moon

past creatures

eating salt water taffy

punching each other for sugar cubes

like horses with big abdomens

and they know they are on a mission

God sent them to earth

for a purpose

and they are comical animals

swinging tails and methane

coming from their rear ends

how comical as they poop

and they have no embarrassment

as they are God's animals

and they have animal rights

for love, peace and order

big cows and small cows

calves, elephants in relationships

elephants here

elephants there

elephants doing a dance

elephants eating ice cream

nobody ever goes hungry on

the elephant farm

they make money too

selling peanut butter sandwiches

and you feed them

right here

imagine big elephants

with aprons

checkeboard aprons

at a hamburger stand

selling the food

elephants never go hungry

at the elephant farm

a type of asylum

a sanctuary

of love

the big dinosaurs

of today

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