Kindred Spirit

by Travis Voeller

           Jamie Winslow sat in her kitchen washing her dishes waiting waiting for something to happen. Anything would be better than this grief. The feeling of not knowing what will happen next was unbearable. The idea that one-day, you can be alive and well and then the next day gone. Suddenly a pain surged through her entire body, as the dish she was washing fell to the floor, shattering. She felt the blood trickle down her side and in that moment she knew, that this was the moment she had been waiting for. As she fell to the floor only one word went through her mind, James.

            Ever since they were children, Jamie and James shared a connection, a special bond. Their parents would tell them that, when they were born their cries almost seen synchronized. Then the day of the accident came. James had broken his arm in a football game. In the same instant, while baking cookies with their mother, the bone in Jamies right arm broke. Their parents were baffled; they could not understand how both of their childrens arms had broken in the same place.

Make them believe, that you will hurt their most cherished loved ones and people will give you the world.

            This was the chilling thought, James Winslow heard through the door. As he sat bound and gagged, bleeding from were they had stabbed him. The door creaked open and his captor, Swanson came through the door.

We made a call to your sister, it looks like shes gonna come through for you. But I gotta tell ya, I dont understand it, why would someone pay so much money for a low life like you?

            It was the same question James asked himself almost everyday.

            Jamie sped down the freeway, a duffle bag full of cash in the passengers seat. She checked her wound, upon arriving at the warehouse, then proceeded inside. The men inside directed her the warehouse to a small room in the back. As she walked through she noticed a portable storage unit in the middle of the warehouse. James sat in the small room bleeding, when he saw Jamie he flashed a smile. Jamie handed Swanson the duffle bag and he accepted it with a smile.

That wasnt so hard, was it sweetheart?

            As he opened the bag confusion and anger consumed Swanson.

What is this paper, are you trying to screw ME!

As he dumped the blank paper onto the floor, Jamie reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a small revolver. She then proceeded to shoot Swanson in the shoulder and the other two men in the head. Jamie then removed the gag and unbound her brother.

Bout time you got here, Jamie. I dont know how long I could have pretended playing the victim.

Stop whining.

Swanson moaned as he started to sit up.

What the hell is going on?

James kneeled down to get eye level.

Some people say, that there is someone out in the world thats just like you. You think the same, you act the same.

Jamie then gave James a switchblade. She then kneeled down rolling up her sleeve and placing her forearm next to James.

In our family we take that literally.

James then ran the blade across his forearm cutting himself. Swanson watched in horror as the same cut opened on Jamie.

We have been watching you for weeks. Waiting for this moment. You see we knew that if I owed you money, you would kidnap me and to try and get the money from my sister. You beating me was her signal that the time was right.


We noticed that you are a bit paranoid, you dont trust banks, you bring all your money here.

Jamie reaches into Swansons jacket pocket and takes out a key and hands it to James.

My men outside the warehouse will kill you the second you leave.

Jamie holds up a detonator.

The car I drove here, is rigged with explosives and your men are right next to it.

As she presses the button they feel a rumble.

Do you think the police wont notice this?

They will believe we are the helpless victims. Men like you get into these situations all too often.

            Jamie and James leave Swanson for dead. They then proceed to open the storage unit. Stacks of cash lay inside. The same satisfied smile runs across both James and Jamies faces.

Make them think, they have your most cherished loved ones cornered and then you can steal the world.

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