Bus Stop

by John Farrow

Bus stop

Move back a bit.

The rain is driving into the bus shelter.

It is freezing.


You're too close.

Standing too close. I don't like it.

She does something with her feet.

Learned at ballet class perhaps.

It makes me uncomfortable she says

. i'm sorry,i just,

Too close.

She pulls her canvas shopping trolley around between us.

A small tartan rebuke

i step back off the shrinking dry island of paving

i feel the cold wet spread through my canvas shoes

i didn't mean ..

My Tom would have something to say if he was here.

She hasn't once turned around

Her headscarf barely reaches my chest.

i am not tall.

The bus arrives.

here let me, i say

i try to hold the trolley.

No thank you,my Tom's waiting you know.

She boards the bus.

i don't.

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