A New Washy-sheen

by Sally Loveday

Angharad has been in her flat 1 year

But that length doesn't seem

Her washing machine has given up and died

So here comes her new washy-sheen

Its coming tomorrow Angharad said

I'm paying through the telly

It won't waltz across the room

While washing clean what was smelly?

I can't remember to make of it

But I'm sure a posh one it will be

And if my machine goes on the blink

She'll lend the thing to me

Apparently because she's buying

The machine through the telly rental

Angharad getting some free towels

And new saucepans so she's gone mental

"I can see what I'm cooking

Or burning or creating you see,

And if it's edible or almost

I'll eat it for my tea"

So 3 cheers for the new washy-sheen

It will make her life complete

From washing all the tea towels

To the king-size bedroom sheets.

February 2004 Sally Ann Loveday

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