by Pat Draco

Damn I am fucking tired! The boss called at 4am this morning saying there was a crime scene at a house downtown. She said it was the usual which means it is the exact same killer that has been taking lives all month. I am currently at the crime scene. I exit my car opposite the crime scene. There are about eight law enforcements cars parked out front. Some marked and some not, the house is your average suburban home with the same old designs and decorations. The press it at the front, and what do you know their filming the big boss. He is probably telling them some bullshit saying we will catch this vigilante someday soon. Pft, doubt it.

The inside was the same. Dented walls, crap everywhere, looked as if there was a tavern style brawl within the house. I searched for the bedroom. Wasnt hard, they were all in there. I sighed knowing exactly what I was going to walk into. Yup, just as I expected a red glistening clump of meat lying on the bed. Completely unrecognisable and done the same way as the other ten. The bedroom was like the others, showed signs of a major struggle, but as always he won. Damn him. I looked to a pale, young, blonde haired officer and asked the usual questions. What the he leave? Any careless mistakes? Prints anywhere? Neighbours see anything? Of course not, guy was slippery as hell. Oh well Im going to have to add another count to his tally.

Takes about an hour for me to get the officers on their jobs, time for me to go, fuck doing anything else. Its pointless anyways, never going to catch this prick. I exit the house, pause, and take a look around the street. Its quiet, looks like the neighbours went back to dreaming, press is gone, and so is big boss. Only four cars left counting mine, and even so, its still a waste of time and man power. I stretch my arms out and do a gigantic yawn. Oh how relaxing it feels. And then something catches my eye, a couple houses to the right, on the opposite side theres and alley way. Someone was there right now, watching me, the street lights just illuminating the half of his peering face. Hmmm I wonder if it could be him.

Well its worth a shot. I pretend I havent seen anything and casually walk to my car. I open the door and jump in; I drive just past him than slam the brakes and jump out gun already aimed, but his already running. I start running after him, oh how I hate running. He runs through many alleyways but I begin to catch up. I can even see him clearer. His got a black cap on, red t-shirt, black gym shorts and his barefoot. Barefoot? Well isnt that weird. His pace is slowing, breath becoming ragged, I raise my gun and try and aim. Damn this is hard running and aiming, I dont recommend it.

He turns into a street and then suddenly stops as if giving up. He slowly turns to face me. Boy am I shocked, he looks eighteen, got a little stubble on his face but thats all. One thing though, his got an intimidating gaze, it gives me pause, although I still keep the gun raise albeit my arm is shaking a bit. He gives me a big smile, not a happy one but a knowing one. Damn him, his shaking my resolve. I asked him if he if the vigilante, he only smiles all the wider. I know its him, I just know it, but why am I hesitating to pull the damn trigger. I mean he only hunts the bad guys so why should I stop him? Oh fuck, I am an officer of the law. I take a deep breath, close my eyes and pull the trigger. BOOM! That probably woke the street; I can hear the dogs barking already. Oh well it had to be done, I open my eye........................................ Oh fuck! His gone! How the fuck did that happen! They were closed for one second! Damn, Im getting the fuck out of here!

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