Who Do I Belong to Part 2

by Maggie Bundy

We pulled up to the orphanage and i t was a tall kindof scary place, Mrs young got me out and rang the door bell and a old cross woman opened the door and looked down at me and said " Not another one and brought me inside to a lit room. Mrs young and the scary woman talked then Mrs young walked out the front door and the scary woman grabbed me by the arm, into another room where there was a table a chair , on the table was a spray bottle a brush and scissors she put me i nthe chair and started spraying my hair with the water. she picked up the brush and brushed my hair roughly i yelped cause it hurt,

" Oh shut up brat it will go by quicker if you did't cry." the woman said

"if you didn't brush my hair so hard i wouldn't cry." I said

The woman slapped me across the face hard " No backtalking ."

"and you will call me Miss williams."

I told yes miss willams and she told me to bend my head and she started cutting my beautiful hair she cut it to my chin and then she went in front of my face and gave me bangs. "There much better, now get a broome and dustpan and clean this mess up.

I cleaned it up and vowed i would get her back for destroying my one beauty.

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