Who Do I Belong To?

by Maggie Bundy

All around me i see nothing but darkness and fear, i'm in a bedroom for now but if they come for me it will be the basement for me agian, Why am I here why are they so mean to me?

I hear them comming closer , they open the bedroom door and i am sitting on the bed with my eyes to the ground. I get pulled off the bed by my hair and they pull me towards the cellar door they open it and drag me down it there is a cage down there they put me in it.

I hear them go back upstairs and close the door and I am alone i nthe darkness.

My name is Melody faith I dont' know my last name or if I even have one.

I live Mr and Mrs young, they own a resturant they keep me upstairs out of sight,

I have red curly hair down to my butt I have large green eyes I'm only 4,I fell asleep in the cage not easily and i saw mrs young come down stairs she opened the cage and gave me a piece of bread and told me that she's divorcing her husband and is taking me to an orphange she carried me up the stairs and i walked out side to the car and Mrs young put me in the car seat and we drove to the orphanage.

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