They stood in a line, waiting to begin. Wishing for blood. Wanting to hunt, the beast thats come home. There was a fire in every one of their souls. The men stood on the edge of the forest waiting, waiting, just waiting. Each one of them had black shrouds that hung loosely from there shoulders. None of them was without his sword and revolver. The silver on each of the blades glowed in the darkness. These six have trained for nothing but the destruction of the beast they are about to hunt. As time has passed and continues to pass these few will never changed. The gift to the hunters, those who sacrifice their lives are given immortality until one is struck down in battle. The dark is their home, it is their kingdom, and no beast shall take it from them. A deep howl shakes the night; it makes the trees quiver in fear. As a blood moon rises in the sky the wolves of the forest howl and bark, rejoicing in their masters homecoming. With a blur of motion the men draw their swords as one and begin to walk silently in to the forest. The beast is dead. The thrown of the night, clearly proclaimed. Only three remain to claim it. The three stood at black stone table, a challis filled with the blood of the beast they slew. Each man drew a small blade from their hip, all were identical a mildly curved blade with a small hand guard resting on the hilt. The black leather of the hilt was well worn from use over generations. Each man rested their blade on their left hand a slowly drew it across, blood began pouring from each of their hands. As one the men lifted their knifes from their hand and held it over the challis of blood, letting a single drop of blood fall in. One of the men reached out and took the challis in his and drank from it, then passed it to the next until the blood was all but a faint memory clinging to their lips. The eyes of each man clouded over with black, their skin turned the color of the sky after the sun has been gone for too long. Yes, the kings of the night have performed their coronation, under their rule the day will hide, and the sun shall fear to rise.

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