Veritas was one of the few teenagers who lived in the dark for most of their lives but truly wanted to see the light. He was used to sailing through life without really trying; speaking as little as possible, not making a noticeable difference in life, not dressing like one of the cool kids with their expensive brand names. He went unrecognized by a world that was happy not to acknowledge any one who didn't want to be, but now things would be different. He was seeking the light. So many times he had tried to escape from his world of shadows he had built around himself; so far, nothing. No noticeable change. He still wore the same black Air walks, still wore those same blue torn up jeans, same punk-rock band shirt, but this time there was a difference. Now he wasn't just running from the dark blindly, now he had a goal, and he wasn't doing it alone this time. Now he had the truth.

Veritas sat in the back of the math class. He was half listening; meaning he only had one ear bud in today. He silently mouthed along to one of his favorite songs by one of his many favorite bands, Pillar. Music was his life, the way he did everything. Veritas lost the drive to do anything when he didn't have his music, like the way it was for the last few months after his head phones broke. Veritas smiled as he thought back to that time, he used to cut smiley faces into his homework instead of actually working on it. The teacher began to finish up the class talking about the quiz they were going to be having tomorrow. He wrote down the home work in his new notebook. The black plastic cover didn't open all the way to fold onto the back so it took up too much space on his desk. He despised school, but not for the same reasons that most of the other kids did. He hated it because of the responsible adults made the rebellious teens sit around for six hours every day so they could go home and get yelled at by their parents who didn't understand how they could be so lazy. Veritas actually liked to learn new things. He liked to find out the truth behind anything.

Veritas had an obsession with the truth. Most people noticed it starting in tenth grade when he would write the word truth on all of his papers. He even ended up getting a tattoo of it on his left shoulder blade. It was the reason he wanted to change, why he wanted to escape the dark. He saw the coming storm, and he saw what side was going to triumph over the other.

Veritas looked outside at the dreary sky, the grey overcast being pierced by the beams of light. It filled his heart with an unexplainable pain. All he knew was he wanted to be part of that light and he would do anything to get what he wanted.

The piercing sound of the bell stabbed into his ear, time to go to the next class.

Science, ha. That class spreads more lies than the government does. He whispered to one of his true friends, he didnt have too many of those these days. Turns out the majority of humanity cannot be trusted. Thanks to his special little gift he can see through all of the lies that mankind spreads around.

No, Veritas lost no love on humanity.

He walked to his spot in the back of the class. He let his black backpack fall to the ground next to his seat, and sat down in the uncomfortable dull brown-grey mettle stool. The same kind everyone in the class had to use. Veritas folded his arms and set them down on the table to rest his head in and wait for class to start.

Congratulations! We will be watching the robots, I mean Al Gores film An Inconvenient Truth! the teacher informed the class. Veritas didnt specifically have anything against Mr. Jones. He just liked the truth, and well most people reject the truth including people in the scientific community. They spout lies as if they were the were the truth, and Veritas could see the filth coming from their mouth like black smoke coiling off of burning flesh.

Veritas sat up and took off his black sweat-coat, something he didnt do very often he was paranoid people would notice the thin pale lines across his arms and send him to therapy, again. The scars were a constant reminder of who he used to be, the remnants from a time that is now in his past.

Veritas blankly stared at the screen noticing from the corner of his vision the black cloud growing around the classroom speakers. Yes! What a shock there, when Al Gore is not going on with shameless self-promotion he generally is lying. The funny thing is that most people dont actually know that they are lying. They are just spreading around the news and information that the government and social media want them to hear.

If things keep going down this path, there truly is no more hope for humanity. He said to himself

Veritas, do you have something you want to add to the movie? the teacher asked him from across the room.

Veritas stood in his place and grinned at the teacher, yes, yes Mr. Jones I do.

The teacher paused the movie and turned towards him, then by al means, what is your ever so important opinion?

Well, I think. If we keep listening to trash like Al Gore we deserve to be all killed by global warming. I mean really he almost lies as much as the government, and he doesnt even really get away with it. I dont think there are too many people that have any respect left for Mr. Gore. Veritas stood there grinning at the shocked teacher. When Veritas saw all lies he needed to re introduce the truth.

The entire class erupted into laughter and the teacher just pointed to the door, well! Sixth time this week and its only Wednesday, this must be a new record.

Veritas began the walk up to the office, the usual routine he took ever since the development of this little gift of his came into being. Veritas grinned. He used to be afraid of getting in to trouble for fear of it jeopardizing his future, but he already knew what he was going to do with his life. School was an irrelevance at this point. His plans were more glorious than anyone could ever imagine.

This time his parents would be called, this thought made him stop. He hated to make his parents have to deal with his crap. For a second he thought he should tell them about his gift but then thought better of it, who would believe me anyway?

Veritas let out his breath and continued up to the office.

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