Killing Silence

by Alex Carter

From silent eyes,

Fall silent tears,

Slipping down silent cheeks,

Caressing silent lips.

From silent lips,

Spill silent words,

And share in silent kisses,

Before from silent eyes fall silent tears.

From silent hearts,

Comes silent love,

And silent hopes that smother,

Before silent kisses find their way from silent lips that told.

In silent minds,

Form silent doubts,

Clouding silent judgement,

Once again they contradict or silent hearts desire.

And love and hate crash together,

Waves breaking on the shore,ending all silence,

Trapped in a whirlwind romance,

Where hate can hurt but love can kill.

Then once again.

From silent eyes fall silent tears,

From silent lips spill silent words,

From silent hearts comes silent love,

And in silent minds form silent doubts.

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