A Blind Eye

by Kane Bochatyn

My stone heart skips a beat,

Holding back its silent weep.

Heart on sleeve, for all to see,

This lost, broken part of me.


Blooming life is all I take,

Rivers of blood adorn my wake.

On scarlet grass, my kingdom grows

The will of the crown, anything goes.


One quick flash, unbearable pain,

Your lives ruined for such foolish gains.

On the lone star, my sole wish in mind,

To cast aside my blade, and turn back the time.


Oh, how I yearn, to find a new way

Honor held close, no longer astray.

My doors have closed, nowhere to run,

From the woe I have wrought, from what I have done.


Desert of sorrow, stricken by fear,

How could I not see, my sins are so clear.

So deeply ashamed, I choose not to see,

This lost, broken part of me.

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