Keith the Oxen

by Kevin Rottweiler

like a Biblical oxen

yoked to a job

yoked to a job

with strong hooves

in the cold snow

with cold jaws

preparing his work

like a doctor

now his shovel is smooth

like a surgeon's knife

cutting at the smooth ice

never had time for a wife

paying the bills

and time kills

you get old here

with frozen tears

and he supported another oxen

one that could barely stand

on sober and wobbly knees

like a new-born horse

right out of the womb

and eating department store hot dogs

earning his law degree at night

defying his oxen status

and they abused him

a stall of wheat and barley

takes away the winter chill

and the salivating animal

with strong hooves

scratched at the earth

and a moon that would not shut up

eating the hot dogs

diving into the hot dogs

falling asleep at the ox cart

playing cards and marbles

with the other animals

mules and more mules

leaving their animal dung

near his cart

a wonderful sight

brings a pizza

to his oxen brother

with wobbly knees

and a continual fight

from poverty and rain

the cold rain

drips on the back

on warm animal backs

its hard being an oxen

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