A Friendly Face?

by Monica Griffin


Moving into a new house wasn't always fun for me. This was the fourth or the fifth new house this year, as my father was constatly being moved around for work. We were in Pitsburg this time, last i checked it was Florida we had been to, but that stay was just a blur. So moving all my stuff into the new house. Which was impossible to make home, with all mum's pyschobabble it was impossible to thinkg. Being 18 i had just finished senior year and was looking forward to college and not having to move around anymore. To actually make friends.

I made my way up the wide stair case to find my room. Catherine and Stephen had already choosen their rooms, so i was left with the one at the furthest end of the house. I walked into the small room, and was surprised that i actually like it. It was small, but was my new personal space. I was fitted with a single bed and a dresser. But what was new was the ensuite leading away from my room. Sweet. No more running to the bathroom. I started to set my bags down, when suddenly a cold breeze washed over my body. I looked up to check was a window open, but it wasn't. Weird. Maybe just my imagination. I started about my business, when the i heard the tap in my bathroom. Ok, this was crazy. I made my way into the cozy bathroom and guess what the tap wasn't on. Fuck, i'm going crazy.I'm being stupid, ever since Cassie was attacked in Florida, i've been too uptight. But when Chase was killed, i couldn't handle it. I was too much. That's when i started to cut. Not noticable or anything just small here and there. Not noticed but my parents , it was just around the places where i couldn't handle to look at.

First night in my new room, i settled in for my first nights sleep. I fell asleep fast but to be awakened by terrifying nightmares. Chase was calling out to me asking for help,but i was too far away, i couldn't get to him. That's when he fell , i finally reached him, but i was too late. He was dead. I woke up sweat drenched. I ran for the bathroom. I found my razor and ripped a blade from it. I quickly cut into my delicate skin not aware of where i had cut, but into my wrist. The blood was everywhere, but i relised in the pain. Out of no where i heard a voice, "What in God's names are you doing, girl?" It was shrill, but most definiatly a guys voice. "WHAT THE FUCK??? How did you get in here?!?!?!" I screamed. He came from behind me and placed a hand over my mouth, "Would you please contain yourself? I got in here because i died here. This is my room. Well, was my room." He whispered with dispare. I slowly turned around to face him. He was devastatingliy gorgeous. I'd never seen anything like him, and for a moment i forgot about my bleeding wrist, i grabbed some tissue and pressed it to my cut. "Y-you mean y-your a g-ghost??" I stuttered. "Precisely, now would you care to explain, why you are hurting yourself?" He said grabbing my wirst with care, i wanted to shy aaway from his touch, but it comforted me that he actually cared. "It's nothing , just a scratch." I declared, "That is most definiately not a scratch." He stated matter of factly. i was going to argue with a frickin' ghost. Yeah, i'm definiatly losing it.

Suddenly, this stranger pulled me into his arms. I was struggling at first, but realizing that he wasn't giving it and letting me go, i let him take my in his arms where i began to sob uncontrolably. he just stroked my hair and didn't ask any questions. That night i made a 'friend' so to speak. Not a living one but a friend. He returned each night to converse with the loner girl and never grew night things changed and he asked an unexpected question,"Ellie, why were you harming yourself that first night i encountered you?" "Well, it's a way i relieved pain, i inflicted pain to relieve my emotional pain inside." i stated sadly. "What emotional pain El?" He asked, this wasn't a conversation i intended to have but this was where it was heading. "Well, when i lived in Florida , it was the longest i'd stayed in one place. I had made friends, i had a boyfriends. I loved him. But my life turned upside down. One of my friends, Cassie, was out with my boyfriend , Chase, one night. They were buying me something for my birthday. When on the way back to their cars, they were attacked. Cassie was rapeed and beaten, and then stabbed. She lost alot of blood but she was saved. But the same couldn't be said for Chase. He fought fro Cassie, they made him watch them rape her, he kicked and screamed for her life, until they finally dragged him deeper into the surrounding woods. No on knows what happened when they brought him in there. Al we know is it was so bad that he had a closed casket at the funeral. I haven't been the same since. I can't forget his face, or imagine scenarios of what happpened to him that night. Thta was what was wrong with me the night we met. I had a nightmare that i hadn't reached him and couldn't and when i reached him he was dead." I haad to finish there, tears were streaming down my face and words were getting caught in my throat. That's when Ethan pulled me into his arms once again like the first night we had met. I sat in his arms crying, while he stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. When i had finished i looked up into his bright blue eyes. Thta's when i realized i wanted to kiss him. Hi slips were perfectly shaped and the perfect shade of rose. When i looked up to meet his eyes, he had been thinking the same thing.

My heart leaped into my throat when he leaned in. I raised to meet him halfway. He pressed his lips to mine and then he disappered. I fell flat on my face off the the bed. The thump was loud and m face hurt. Mum burst in to the room with Stephen on her heels, "What happened? Are you okay? Why are you on the floor?" she said in a slurry of words, i broke out in manic laughter only to be joined by Stephen. Mum realized i was fine and soon left me with my thoughts. whether, Ethan would return or not.


What have i done? I shouldn't have done that. I wasn't supposed to get that close. I had enough of this when i was alive. if bein gmurddered wasn't enough, bringing up her past was hard. I was 19 when i was killed, only a year older than her. Only that my trauma wasn't as bad as hers. Mine was religion. It was a Saturday evening when they came, i was waiting, everyody else had been killed in the family, i was left. Our Coven was satanist. When we reached the age we give our lives up to Satan. Literally. So they came. They entered the house gracfully and entered my room. I sat and waitedd for it to happen. They slit my throat quickly and skillfully. It was fast and simply, although messy it was the way to finish it. That's when i started my trainign to be a warrior of Satan. We were trying to discover a vessel for Azazel. Perferably a girl. Ellie, she was perfect. I was supposed to gaurd my room, to see who moved into it. She just happened to end up there. I wished she hadn't. Now i have to watch over her. they have to decide if she is ready to be entered. which is entirely true. She as suffered trauma and heartache. But now i suffer heartache they can't have her. But if they do, i have her for enternity.But a hell goddess like her would never have a warrior. She would be married to a God.The God himself. Lucifer. He would desire her on his arm and woud demand it or he would force our hand and have her destoryed, if he could not have want he wanted things turned to shit.

Leaving her sitting there on her bed was horrible, she looked so vunerable. i wanted to hold her and take her pain, but to know that more was comign was disgusting. I was disgusted with myself. She was gorgeous and unknowest to herself. She moved gracefully and looking even more vunerable when she cried. I couldn't help if, she needed my comfort and i was there to help. Thta night i caught her hurting herself, i needed to take her pain. But to cause her pain would be unbearable. She didn't desevre it. But they want her and her only, they won't take her sister she wouldn't sure the ritual. But i'm not sure Ellie would either.I wanted to be a friend, more than a friend. Thats not possible when you're dead, and i would be forbidden to her if i went there after she was taken. She would forget me. There are better than I among the ranks of hell, i stand just below Lucifer the highst on the Hugh Council, but he would never have it. he'd have her for himself. And no one would have her except him. IF he couldn'y have her no one could. Now i had to make a decision.

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