Midnight Chapter 1

by Meghan Aubuski


I woke up in the morning feeling dizzy......scared......tired.....whatever you want to call it.I rose up and looked around just seeing a blurr so blurry I felt like I was going blind.I steadily rose onto my feet and held onto the side of the bed.Over in the corner I could see dad's old journal lying in the corner.Even the dark couldn't keep me away from the journal.I walked over to the journal just parely touching the outside of the cover.It was brown leather that covered it.He made the book itself out of only cardboard and leather that he found abandoned beside a railroad track.Last.....,....he told me that it was in a tin box that held two shirts and two pairs of socks.The leather he thought was supposed to be used for clothing since one shirt was made completely out of the stuff.

Just as I opened the book my eyes became clear.I could see the detail of the leather and the writting inside.I started to read,

To my dearest Alex,

Its been at least seven days since I last say you.How are you and your mother doing without me to be there?How is Angel?

Please write back soon

With Love,


I looked at the letter that I never knew exsisted.It smelt of gunpowder and smoke.Of coarse it does......my father,Jacob Parker,died in Iraq on January 9,2012 in an explosion.I stared at the paper unnoticing the date on the upper left corner.When I looked at the date all I saw in big black letters were

JANUARY 9,2012

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