Darkest Hour

by Jamel Downing


Desperate times calls for desperate measures--- as Tony poured a shot of Hennessey into his glass he knew nothing good would come out of this night. Tony was not a violent man nor was he one that embodied intimidation. Those who knew him often suggested that his presence was very jovial and enlightening--- others viewed a personality that mirrored a true essence of moral character. Perhaps he may have been the nicest guy on the block or simply masking an uncontained rage that close neighbors never seen. A secret man cannot act secretly in the light; he must engage in the darkest of the night to remain unidentified. Seated in his office in a dark-green chair, Tony cautiously navigated through his contacts to find a reliable person that would assist him under heavy circumstances. Beneath his shaking legs was a woman who lied still seemingly lifeless. He glanced at the body and proceeded to take a sip of his drink. Next, he rose from his chair and walked back and forth with one hand covering his chin. Was he guilty of murder? Murder may have lingered through his mind as he circled around in deep contemplation. A sudden knock on the door stunned him painfully like a sharp sword being pierced into his stomach. He ran downstairs promptly to discover the unknown visitor; but just before he reached the door a loud moan redirected his attention upstairs. As he glared at the upper room in despair, the knocks became more intense.

            Who is it, he asked.

Doug- Its me Doug, open up.

Tony gained a sense of calm and slowly opened the door. Doug walked inside looking curiously at Tony.

Doug- Hey man, I know its sort of late, but I wanted to check up on you considering I havent heard from you in a couple of days.

Tony- Everythings okay Doug, Ive just been occupied as of late and

Doug- Look, I know you havent been taking Kates new boyfriend lightly, technically shes still your wife, but you have to get over her. Right now you two are separated so call me bro and well do something to ease your stress.

Tony- Sounds good, look Ill call you later.

Doug- Later man.

Tony closed the door behind Doug staring through the peep hole insidiously to confirm his departure. Just before Doug reached his vehicle, he bent down to tie his shoelaces. If Doug chose to negate tying his shoelaces he wouldve entered his vehicle and left instantaneously; however his instant delay provoked a timely reaction that would turn against him. The lady who seemed paralyzed upstairs presumably dead, found strength to crawl out of the room and scream frantically. Tonys eyes widened in disbelief and captured Doug hurriedly walking back towards the front door.

Boom! Boom! Doug used his police training to get an immediate response.

Doug- Tony! Who was that?! Open up!

Tony was in shock and had to think quickly before reopening the door. He couldnt bare telling Doug the truth (he was a cop). Boom! Boom!

Doug- Tony do not make me do this, open up!

Tony had kept a sharp pocket knife in his pants and felt obligated to use it. Without further hesitation, he opened the door and Doug furiously stormed inside. Although Doug was armed, he didnt retrieve his fire- arm from his holster because Tony was a good friend.

Doug- Tony, you tell me right now who you have in here? I dont want any excuses; just tell me whats going on before this gets ugly.

Tony- Doug what are you talking about?

Abruptly, Doug pulled his gun out on Tony and demanded answers.

Doug- Dont do this, I want to help.

Tony raised both hands appearing to be a scared suspect looking quickly upstairs. Doug was very observant and noticed Tonys eye movement.

Doug- Is that where she is?

Tony remained silent. Doug turned his attention upstairs and proceeded to trail.

Doug- Dont you move, he enforced.

Doug cautiously walked towards the second floor, but was unaware that Tony had sneaked quietly behind him. Tony positioned himself directly a half inch behind Doug and slit his throat from ear to ear. Falling helplessly onto the wooden floor, Doug bled fluidly attempting to gasp for air. As he took his last breath he looked into Tonys eyes confoundedly before his heart expired.

Tony- Im sorry my friend.

Tonys voice trembledhis face was pale and apparently lacked sufficient energy. He reached inside his pocket and pulled out a small photo of a young girl who smiled exuberantly. Suddenly he collapsed to his knees and began to mourn.

Woman- You murderer! How, how could you Tony?! Im, Im your wife.

The woman who Tony abducted was his wife. She was severely beaten and struggled mightily to talk. How could Tony do this? This was a woman who undeniably loved him and shared courtship with for 10 years until their separation. Maybe in his eyes their withdrawal from each other was unacceptable--- he sacrificed a lot and believed they had a bond that was infrangible. Tony was a jealous lover, so jealous that it drove him mad to do the unthinkable. Soon after, he wiped his face and stood up on both feet with a devilish expression. Next he walked slowly and effortlessly into the kitchen, but paused when he heard Kates words.

Kate- No! Tony please, please dont do this. I, I have life.

Kate could not sustain the pain she endured, but fought heroically to attempt to talk some sense into Tony. Tony proceeded and grabbed a butcher knife to head in Kates direction. He walked upstairs seemingly neglecting her declaration as if he only had one option. An option to kill. He finally reached Kate and stood over her weakened body.

KateTony, listen. Im pregnant. You dont have to do this. I have life inside of me. You have a child Tony, let me have one!! Kate closed her eyes and cried painfully. Tony began to shed tears as well and dropped to his knees to whisper in Kates ear.

TonyThe man who you so love has my daughter. Kate, I will die loving you, but I have no choice. He wants you dead in exchange for Sonya. Kates eyes opened widely in complete shock.


Tony forcefully impinged Kate with the butcher knife stabbing her multiple times until her death was confirmed. Afterwards he tossed the knife and yelled horrifically at the top of his lungs. Tony was a murderer, but even more a distraught, broken man.

Having no will to carry on feeling lifeless and depleted, Tony knew he had one life to save. He forced himself to return to his office to retrieve his cellular phone only to find that it had been tampered with. As soon as he picked up his phone an urgent text message appeared on the front screen. The name of the sender remained a mysteryTonys heartbeat inclined faster and faster as he clicked onto the message to read.

It read, Kate, Im so sorry!! Ive notified the authorities and gave them the address. Please hold on my sister.

Tony couldnt believe it; his wife managed to alert someone and inform them of his treacherous indulges. He ran to the window to peep outside and spotted police forces gearing up to invade his home. He quickly dialed Robert, the man who had his daughter and planned Kates death.

Tony--- Its done, its done! Let her go.

RobertShes dead?

TonyYes! I dont have any time, the police are here.

Robert--- What?!

TonyLet me speak to her.

Robert--- Sigh. Alright, but you know what to do afterwards and I want confirmation.


SonyaDaddy, daddy, where are you?!

TonyBaby, I dont have time, but those guys are going to let you go okay. I love you so much and Ill see you soon my princess.

Sonya--- Okay, I love you too daddy.

Robert snatched the phone from Sonya.

Tony You bastard.

Robert--- Carry on.

Tony cried miserably as he pulled a small gun out of the drawer. He closed his eyes and pointed the gun towards his head to pull the trigger.

STX- Gun shot sound.

The phone crashed onto the floor disconnecting Roberts line. Robert smiled ominously and instructed his comrades to release the girl.

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