by Monica Griffin

Hey i'm Camille. On my arrival that the academy of M.A.D i was unsure of the future events. Ecplaining this was always hard, mainly because of a retarded 'doctor' that assured me that I had imagined this. But i assure you this was all true events in the life of Camille Lonergan.

* * *

As i sat on my queen sized bed and finished my homework from school, i thought back to my years in Ireland where i had left all my friends behind. Dad had got a new job in Canada you see and many of our family had already emmigrated, it was only natural. Being 16 turning 17 i didn't want to leave school yet, i wanted to finish my leaving cert. But no. It was paack everything and move to freackin' Canda and finish your classes there. Everything is different here what i know as 6th year is senior year here. Upon making next to nothing friends, I did make some. There's Jason-He's atlethic, good looking, popular and i've no idea what he'd want with me- there's Sara- who's a wiz-kid in our school, total brain wave and one of my closest friends since i've arrived here- and then there's Martin, Sara's boyfriend, i'm not really familiar with him, he doesn't talk much and i feel slightly uneasy around him but that can be put down to being in a new school. Anyway, too recall my days events that led to me actually doing homework was beyond me, i usually left it until study sessions with the buds.

                     * * *

In the cafetria with the guys at our usual table, i stabbed my salad with my fork not really in the mood for conversation. I was thinking about what the girls were doing now, more than likely sleeping and what my boyfriend Niall was doing. Had he already replaced me? Was he thinking of me? Melissa, probably already made her way in my Niall, wouldn't be surprising. Suddenly, Jason brought me out of my train of thought, he has a habit of doing that lately "Are you going to Homecoming Cam?" He asked in his thick Canadian accent, I thought about my answer for a bit while he stared intently at me. "Well, seeing that i have only arrived a few weeks ago, i doubt i'll be going. I don't know many people, and not a guy here would ask the new Irish girl." I answered matte of factly, but Jason just smirked and replied "Don't be a downer, any guy would be lucky to have you, you're smart, beautiful, always up for a party and you're funny" "Now, don't forget the banter J , i have me some great banter." He just stared at me with the most funniest confused face ever, i punchecd in lightly in the arm , while Sara and Martin ignored us completely. Then out of the blue Jason piped up "Would ou like to go to Homecoming?" "Uh, i guess, if i actually seen the significance of it." I said to him sarcasticly, i obviously seen where he was going with the conversation, but it was very unexpected. "Would you stop making me elborate on things, do you wanna go or not? with me i mean?" He ran off, not taking a breath in between. I laughed at his stupid expression and decided to ease his fears "I'd love to go, but i'm warning you i'm pretty crazy when i get a few drinks in my." i said with a wink , and he slightly blushed. That was weird. Jason never had shown interest , we were friends , least i thought we were, maybe i was just reading into it. Anyway everything was as normal all the way through the day normal classes, normal bitches to interact with, nothing unusual until Homecoming night came. That's when things took a turn for the worst.

Homecoming rolled around with the hussle an bussle of things before the holidays. All the girls were buying dresses and talking of dates, when i was just trying to get ready for tests. You could never beat them. Anyway picking a simply read dress with a low cut back and high enough neackline was a good choice, but it did fit me perfectly hugging me in all the right places. I felt good in my dress thta night. Jason had arrived at the house as i put the final touches to my makeup and strapped on my silver selettos , i swung open and the door and headed for the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs,s tood my older brother with my father and Jason in the middle, and i don't think i had seen him look so good. His face turned to utter shock when he seen me, as my brother patted him on the shoulder and chuckled to himself. I reached the bottom of the stairs and tripped right into his arms, my face flushed crimson , and my brother broke into roars laughing but, Jason just smiled and helped me up keeping hold of my hand. I'd never been happier.

Outside waited a limo, it was long and sleek, in deep black and was shining, just after been waxed. Jason helped me into the limo and I quickly grabbed a drink and waited for Jason to come in after me. It didnt take long. He took his seat beside me and grabbed my hand to cradle in his. You look beautiful tonight. He whispered in my ear. I couldnt help but giggle, which isnt something I do often. Not looking too bad yourself there J I said with a grin and wink, he just flushed slightly pink and I had to laugh. Whats so funny Cam? He whispered again, I leaned in closer so I could whisper back How you embarrass so easily. He smiled and started to lean it closer. Was he going to kiss me? Yeah, he was because he leaned in and gently pressed his lips to mine. Then he pulled away and smiled. Do you know how long I wanted to do that? He asked quietly Well, I wold of known sooner if you wouldve just said. and I leaned back in and kissed him, his surprise was hilarious and I laughed. That night was one of my favourite nights until it happened.

I was outside, when I was taken. It came as a huge surprise obviously wasnt expecting to be grabbed by some huge frickin guy. I screamed and kicked but no one seemed to hear me. I was helpless. I was thrown into the back of a van, where a man sat; it was there when my fear began to build. I see you are having fun Camille. He said in a deep, haunting voice, Who the fuck are you, and what the fuck do you want? I screamed, that didnt help. I was then back handed with such force that my head flew back. I assure you it isnt wise to back talk. You see, you have something, lets say unique. And I want it. He growled, I dont have anything, Im not even from here. I replied, I tried to be confident, but truly I was terrified. But thats where you are wrong young one; oh you have something that is very valuable. He smirked, which didnt put me at ease. I dont have anything like I said. What are you going to do with me? I whispered. See, youre young and we need an experienced young girl for our customers. He laughed erratically as if it was a joke, You mean sex trade? I squealed. Yes, if you want to call it that, I guess. Obviously, youre not a virgin, right? he asked oblivious. No, thats is where youre wrong, I am a virgin. I said back definitely.

Well, obviously we were wrong, well have to cover this then. He said defeated, What do you mean cover this I asked, my terror building. Thats when the van lurched to a stop, the doors flung open and I was thrown from the floor. I landed on the ground with a thump, soon after I was hit with a blow to the stomach, I crumpled over with pain. Certainly a few ribs were broken. I swiftly picked up from the ground. I thought they were finished, but they werent. A swift swipe of a fist and my jaw was broken. I screamed in pain. Thats when I was picked up and thrown back in van, at that moment I lost conscious.

I woke up in a hospital bed. Pain shot up through my core, and I groaned. I felt a hand holding mine and looked down to find Jason sleeping at my side. I put my hand onto his head and he woke up startled. He looked so happy to see me. Until I told him what happened. They thought I was crazy, that it was trauma that caused me to imagine a scenario of what happened. I couldnt have remembered what happened because I was knocked out. But I remembered it all too well. I was a memory I was never able to erase, over the months of therapy I stuck to my story, even though it was never believed, Im believed to be crazy. I started to believe I was, but only I know what really happened that night. I hadnt seen my attackers so, I could be attacked again. I could be taken and sold as a sex slave, but if I ever told them that Id be shipped off to a boarding school, partially away from civilian life. So I keep my opinions to myself, and they dont prey. Thats have I came about to establish to find who had done this. I planned my mutual assured destruction. The M.A.D plan, my martial arts are coming along as well as my studies for police force. I plan to find my attackers and prevent it from happening to others. The M.A.D Plan was now under way.

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