Rentwall Killer

by Sophie Larsen

The air was cold and it was only a matter of time before the fog approaching made it's way down and across the entire village of Rentwall. Even though it was the midst of winter there was something else in the atmosphere making it that cold, something uninvited and unwanted lurking all around the village. This 'something' also went by the name of Marc Brudos. Brudos had been travelling for nearly a year, from town to town village to village completely destroying anything that crossed his path. He was known in the papers as the most notorious serial killer America had ever seen, and he took great pride in this. He hid in the shadows of the cottages and watched while the life of the village went on around him, people passed by laughing, joking and drinking, completely unaware of the path of destruction that could be in store for their village. Targeting his prey was easy as he wasn't fussy, all he wanted was young girls. There was something about them that made him feel empowered and as if he was finally getting some sweet revenge. Sweet revenge on his mother that is. The woman who allowed him to be abused both mentally and physically by his father and his older brothers, while she sat and watched with a crooked smile all because he wasn't the little girl the doctors had told her she was having. Brudos' process of targeting sometimes took hours but Marc was patient and tolerant, and thirsty for blood.

So, eventually the night died down and Marc had narrowed his prey down to two young girls. One who was out with what seemed to be her boyfriend and another couple, and another who was out with her mother and father. He went for the girl with her parents, as this touched home a little more for him. The stalking began and he watched as the teenager sat distant and moody away from her parents who were trying to enjoy the beautiful night sky on the pier. Close by was an old closed down pub where Brudos decided his killing for the night would take place. The girl trailed off and away from her parents. Oh darling don't go far please, we'll be leaving soon I promise Emily. The girl tossed her hair and gave her mother a nod, then gradually stepped closer and closer to her inevitable end. Marc approached the girl, and with his remarkable charm spoke to her: Hi, I'm Wayne. I was a friend of your fathers when I had a little pub round here. I was wondering if you'd like to join me for a drink, just one? It's a place nearby, it's closing down soon so it'd be nice to have some good company before it does. If not it's fine I can mourn over it alone I guess.

I suppose I could come in, but I don't drink I'm only 15. I'll have to get back to my folks soon though. And with the same crooked smile as his mothers he took Emily's hand and led her to the shabby old shack.

When they arrived and he opened the back doors he could tell Emily had tensed up and looked a bit confused. So in fear of her running he made his first move, he grabbed the back of her neck with one hand and used the other to cover her mouth while he forcefully moved her inside. The doors slammed shut after them and other than the sound of struggle, it was silent. Marc leant down and lightly put his lips on his victims ear and whispered I swear to God if you scream once I will kill you, and I'll be out of this place before your parents even realise you've gone. Understood? The girl nodded and he walked towards what once used to be a glass liquor cupboard. She knew the only hope she had of surviving was to wave her white flag and do as he said. Brudos picked up a hammer from the cupboard and turned to the girl, One word, and this goes straight into your head. He moved closer and closer, his face caught a slight glimmer of moonlight, enough for the girl to catch a good look at his monstrous grin. Each step he took towards her went in slow motion for Emily, she closed her eyes. He was nearly close enough to touch when she heard Well either way it's going into your head, but this way you got an extra few seconds to live

Down the path was Emily's parents, shouting her name and becoming increasingly concerned as they got no reply each time. Emily for gods sake! Her father became anxious. After a few hours of looking around the same cottages and following the same path in circles, they decided to go to the police station. The village was a very close village, almost like one big family where everyone knew everyone. So when Emily's parents entered the station an officer immediately saw to them, Roy, everything okay? Her father explained how they'd let her out their sight and hadn't been able to find her since. He said how he didn't want to panic anyone yet but he was just concerned. Young Officer Nate took two rookie officers and into the dark they went. They knocked at a few houses of Emilys friends, well the ones they knew of anyway. And just when they thought this girl had evaporated into thin air, Nate decided to go and check out the old abandoned pub. He carelessly swung the front doors open, not having any ideas or thoughts on what could be behind the doors in a small family village like this. But he was immediately taken back. The body lay in the middle of the wooden floor, covered in blood and bruises and almost crater like dints in some parts of the mangled face. The three officers searched the place for any evidence and found the hammer on the floor, they then called it in and in hours the whole village had heard and they swarmed around the station. Emily's parents burst through the doors her mother sobbing and her father holding back the tears and keeping a hard face on, Officer please tell us, we need to know? The officer stood on a chair and hushed everyone,

Unfortunately we have a missing person case of someone beloved to our village. Emily Patton, she's been missing for nearly 8 hours now and there is no sign of her anywhere whatsoever. And fortunately, if I can say that, the victim of this horrific death was not someone known to this village. He stepped down off the chair and Mr Patton asked, Who the hell was it then, the one killed?

His name was Marcus Brudos, that's all we know so far.

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