Witching Hour

by Shannon Freeman

All the fairies and pixies come out to play

They giggle and dance around your bed

Their tiny footprints left where your head lays

The witching hour is here

All the witches and warlocks come out to entrance

They cackle and laugh as they bewitch your dreams

They cast spell after spell to leave you in a trance

The witching hour is here

All the evil creatures and nightmares come out to scare

They creep and slither under your bed

They wait patiently to catch you in a snare

The witching hour is here

All the unicorns and Pegasus come out to protect

They snort and neigh as they protect your dreams

They scare away any evil they detect

The witching hour is here

So let your imagination run free

But dont open your eyes

They witching hour is not to see

Hold close your things you hold dear

Or suffer a cruel fate

The witching hour is here.

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