Six Years

by Roxanne Dubarry

Six years of my life devoted

To poetry, so the world may come

To know, through my simple words,

The message that I heard many

Years ago as a young girl.

One eventful summer day, a

Christian Counselor and Friend led

Me to my Lord Jesus Christ.

He is the candle light of my world!

That summer of 1968 I was thirteen.

Being a Christian was better than all of my dreams.

However, my beloved mother of

Mine always would say, "Roxanne,"

You were saved at the age of nine!"

When I was nine, I ran around

Our church shouting, "I am free!"

When I was thirteen, a huge

Weight was lifted off of me.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Orginal version: June 28, 1990/ Revised version: October 08, 2010

*The title Six years goes by the orginal date in 1990; not the latter date of 2010. This is a version of true poetry based upon real life events.

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