Subject of a Dinner Conversation

by Anthony Perdue

A party of four seated at the dinner table. The hostess and her guests, one of whom was Martin, who would later mention this particular dinner engagement to a radio dramatist friend of his. One of the guests, a world traveler, whose hobby is collecting native legends told of one such legend that belonged to a South American town.

This legend concerned a Nazi scientist named Bruno Krueger and a woman named Dolores, who it was said was a witch. Dr. Krueger would gather victims for his foul experiments and one day it was Dolores's turn to be selected. How behind the closed door of his government sanctioned jungle laboratory screams could be heard. Screams that were those of Dr. Krueger himself.

Military personnel entered the laboratory to find it empty. Miles away in every little village and town that had been victimized by Dr. Krueger, the echoes of his screaming was heard for a short time before it passed away in memory.

Neither Dolores nor Dr. Krueger were ever seen again. The hostess and her party guests wonder aloud about the whys and wherefores about the nazi and the witch. The world traveler can only confirm what he was told.

In a letter to his friend, Martin mentions the story told at the dinner engagement. After securing Martin's permission to use the story as a radio play the radio dramatist adapts it for a broadcast performance.

Above the Earth, in an orbit suitable for study, alien intelligences conduct their experiments with professional control. The radio play from Earth is heard aboard the spacecraft.

One of the aliens experimenting with the now severed- from- its- body brain of Dr. Bruno Krueger still carries the residue of an earthly appearance it once had as a woman named Dolores. Whose behavior among the human inhabitants of a South American town were thought to be of a supernatural nature.

The brain of Dr. Krueger is placed inside a glass like container, filled with a mixture of solutions derived from alien science.

The jungle laboratory of Dr. Krueger is now covered by the natural growth of the land. The chattering of monkeys drowns out the lingering echoes of past obscenities.

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