Armor of the Tyrant: Infinity Lost

by EJ SJ


The dark and stealthy, huge and slow moving Ainean mothership hovers closely at an uninhabited moon on a galaxy far and unknown, to build facilities to manufacture ammunitions for their next slave hunt mission. Slaves of different races, both big and small were sent as laborers. These slaves were captured from their home planets by these 4 foot tall, upright, bipedal, reptilian, intergalactic slave trader. Besides making the slaves work for them, they are traded for different technologies, ships, weapons, mechs, etc. About 50 Ainean mechs, some armored vehicles and turret guns guard the slaves and the construction site. The remaining 400 mechs stayed at the battleship all awaiting ammo.

Before hand, the slaves are planning a revolt. They have backings of a clandestine separatist Ainean in the main battleship headed by Zaro.

After the slaves have built sufficient ammo, the slaves started to execute the revolt. During a guard shift change, they stole mechs, vehicles and guns. It was a success. Ainean guards were captured and detained.

The mothership was quick to find out. They could not attack the moon base because they are low on ammo. They sent a few mechs with little ammos at hand to subdue the revolt but they didn't stand a chance.

The Ainean leader Mordovi contacted one of their clients, who they trade in a regular basis, asking for any product/technology that could help them in this situation. This client, the Amoseans, tall beings nearly 8 feet and more mammalian in features, builds weapons and mechs for the Aineans in exchange for slaves. They have an under development infinite ammo technology. Order was placed. An Amosean delivery ship was sent.

Inside the main battleship, Zaro overheard the conversation. His group has decided that the delivery must be stopped at all cost. The slaves at the moon are surely outnumbered once the mechs at the Ainean ship gets ammos. They put-up plans to intercept the Amosean delivery ship during docking.

When the delivery ship arrived, it is escorted by four Amosean war jets. Also aboard the delivery ship is an engineer who will install the infinite ammo to the Ainean mechs.

At docking, Zaros men were able to infiltrate and then take control of the delivery ship. They hostaged the crew including the engineer. The Aineans and the Amoseans could do nothing. Zaro launched the delivery ship out of the mothership. The Amosean jets stand nearby waiting for orders.

Zaro needs to decide where to go. The Amosean jets could fire at them at any moment. Landing on the moon site would be useless because of the war jets superiority. They would just be wiped-out. Soon one of Zaros men found out that the delivery ship could warp. They now intend to escape to a far region where they could plan their next move.

And warp they did. Before they have totally escaped the war jets fired at them and did some considerable amount of damages. Still, the warp was successful. They have ran away with the infinite ammo that could surely wipe them out. And they have the delivery ship's crews and engineer as their hostages.

Mordovi was all the more pissed. He reported this to the Amosean leader Iro. The Amoseans have lots and lots of technology under development. Iro proposed the cloaking technology and huge melee weapons. Such technology would push stealth and never ever again worry about ammos. Mordovi agreed.

Iro asked Mordovi to send their ship and mechs. They will be fitted with cloaking technology and huge melee weapons.

So the Ainean mothership left the moon. The slaves at the moon rejoiced, thinking the Aineans have given-up on them. They thought they were free.

With little intelligence, the slaves started to reinforce their buildings and defenses and they plan to build a huge ship so that they could return to wherever their home planet was before they were captured. Sure it was a long learning process building their own ships without anyone teaching them how.

And so the Ainean ships and mechs were fitted with cloaking armors. Its an armor not for protection but for deceit. There is a small overhead camera that takes millions of snaps of the surroundings. The armor somewhat displays it like monitors. So all you will see are the surroundings and not the mechs/ships.

And so Mordovi decides to get back at the slaves at the moon. The mothership would approach normally, while drop ships all in stealth/cloak mode carrying mechs would come in slowly at the opposite direction.

Its ammos vs stealth. The slaves dont know where to shoot. They either shoot anywhere and cause friendly fire or destruction to the facilities. They are wasting a lot of ammos. The Ainean mechs could sneak behind and give a huge one hit melee blow.

Eventually, its all over for the slaves. The entire facility was recovered. But there were barely any ammos left.

Mordovi was very impressed. He is now thinking of doing away with ammos after all. He sent the news to the Amoseans. But still, Iro emphasized the threat of the infinite ammo, now in the hands of Zaros troops, if ever used against them. Iro said the delivery ship could still be tracked even if it had warped to a far away place.

At the very moment the hijacked delivery ship warped, the Amoseans already sent a spy ship also capable of warp to track the delivery ship. And so it was tracked on Earth. It crash-landed after the damages it incurred from the Amosean war jets.

The Amosean spy ship camped at the Earths moon and set up an intel base there. They are already learning everything about the Earth and its inhabitant potential slaves billions of them equivalent to more than 20 slave hunt missions the Aineans had so far. But of course, they also found out that the Earth is not without any defense or weapons.

Iro shares their info to Mordovi.

For Mordovi, its the slaves. Unharmed slaves. They cannot just drop in and kill/destroy everyone. They must bust Earth defense system, or until they run out. Iro is very much concerned how they could retrieve the delivery ship that carries the infinite ammo technology. And also to save their brilliant engineer if possible.

Big problem for both is the engineer could be forced to integrate the infinite ammo to the Earths weapons.

To be continued...

Next on Infinity Lost (preview)

Zaro tells the Earthlings about the Aineans' evil ways of capturing slaves from planet to planet and trade them to the Amoseans (and some other races) for weapons, ships and other technologies. The Amosean engineer Scodi, tells about their technologies, fuel system, and more importantly, their mechs. Its construction and its capabilities.

Scodi also warns the Earthlings that the delivery ship could be tracked even from far reaches of the universe and the Amoseans could already be on their way to capture Earthlings for slave trade.

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