A God Forsaken

by Anthony Perdue

A desert culture in transition

Two gods present

One leaving, one arriving

" yOU wERE thEIR gOd."

Affirms the one arriving

" nOW I aM tHEir gOd foRsaken."

Replies the one leaving

( Ocean breeze)

Across the Pacific Ocean a passenger ship travels. From the observatory of a nearby island a god forsaken now dwells. A god forsaken whose interest follows the ship. Each of the passengers aboard that ship are either trying to preserve or retrieve a memory of a similar voyage or voyages they have taken. One ghost remembering another.

Ogden: Evans was standing next to me. We were both looking out to the open sea, taking account of the places we had been.

Evans had died a fugitive. On a previous voyage, when he was alive, he had jumped ship. His body had washed ashore on the beach of Orajuanda. A group of young girls who had found him would later adopt his corpse as their guardian.

He would watch over them, hear their concerns and encourage their hopes.

This corpse of an alleged child molester would not leave the children stranded.

From the observatory of a nearby island, a god forsaken watches over the drifting corpse as it approaches Orajuanda.

On the ghost ship Evans leans against the railing, memory blindness overtaking him as the island passes from view.

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