Squirrel Sandwich

by Kevin Rottweiler

the german shepherd was with me

the sun was not shining and he was so hungry

i had no biscuits no biscuits

a song of not any biscuits

and we were walking

we were walking

and the dog went near the leaves

on an autumn day

thinking he was going to play

and out of nowhere

he had a squirrel sandwich

in his mouth

i tried to remove it

but his hunger grip was too much

and he ate the squirrel

right in front of me

right in front of me

and he ate the head

crunching and munching

even the tail went down

his tickly throat

i could not believe it

but they eat deer meat too

they eat deer meat too

and this is a shelter dog

I am glad he had his rabies shots

I could not tell anyone

it was too overwhelming

but he was o.k.

i checked the next day

and later

like an alligator

he had a squirrel sandwich

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