In Love With an Angel

by Seyed Habib Hosseini Saravani

in love with an angel

The night I saw her, she was flying over the people. She was free, free and happy. People did not see her; they were buying new chains. People were changing new chains with newer chains. Some were criticizing others for changing their chains; they believed that one should never change his or her chain because the new ones are not heavy enough. It was a while that I had been thinking about changing my chain. To tell the truth, I never liked chains. The last chain I bought was very fragile. My parents were always worried that it might break. They suggested I wear the chain my great-grandfather wore. I was named after him. I hated my name.

That night, I did not sleep thinking about her. The next morning, I had a class with some girls from the higher class of the society. One of them told me once that she loves me, but I had no emotion. That day she was wearing a very beautiful chain. She was very happy. She always said that she doesnt like chains but she cant live without her beautiful gold chains. She said that people judge you by your chains; its your chain that makes you different; its your chain that makes people love you. We always talked about chains, but usually reached no conclusion. When the class finished, I went for a break. I had to be back in 10 minutes. I took a cup of coffee and sat on a chair near the heater. While drinking my coffee, I was dreaming about my angel, she was flying freely over the people. But, nobody saw her. She looked at me, smiled, and, in a second, she was not there. Suddenly, I saw that a colleague of mine is hitting on my shoulder, Sir! Are you OK? You are late for your class. It was about 20 minutes that I was sitting there. I went into the class and started teaching but I didnt know what I was saying. I finished the class and went home. After having lunch, I tried to take a nap, but I couldnt stop thinking about her. In the evening, I decided to go to the place where I had seen her the previous night. I went and waited until she comes. There was a long queue in front of the shops. Suddenly, I saw an angle flying in the sky. She was coming. She was very close to me, very close. I cried, waved, jumped, but she didnt see me. I ran after her but I couldnt fly. When I got home that night, I noticed that there was a crack on my chain. I wanted to fix it but it broke. I had to go to work in the morning; I thought that if people see me without chain, they will make a lot of rumors. They will not trust me anymore. I had to make a living; so, I decided to go out and buy a new chain. I wore a cap and hid my face behind it and went downtown. I thought people were looking at me as if I were a criminal. As soon as possible, I found a new chain, wore it, and wanted to return home. On my way home, I saw a light in the sky; it was her; she was coming. Again, she got very close to me. I shouted, I love you. She smiled, and in the blink of an eye, she was gone. When I got home, I noticed that I lost my new chain. I didnt know what to do; I wanted to cry. I couldnt understand how I lost it. Thinking about all that happened to me, I dropped off to sleep.

That night I dreamed about my angel. She took my hand and we flew. I was with her in the sky. When I got up I felt her warm breath in the room. The next morning, I decided to go out not wearing any chain. I did. But when I went out, I felt as if I was not on the earth. I didnt know what was happening; I was flying! I thought maybe I was dead, but that was real; I was flying. I saw people under my feet, walking heavily and showing each other their chains. The rich were happy with their beautiful chains, and the poor, tired of their old heavy chains. I suddenly saw my student, the girl in my class, wearing her beautiful gold chain on her chest. She saw me and started waving at me. I smiled, and flew; I was looking for my angel.

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