Along the Desert

by Anthony Perdue

The voices you hear

Are carried along the desert, by the wind

You are traveling with a subconcious destination

Guiding your direction

Whether you are traveling earthly or ethereally

You start to hear the others

Then those voices fade away

Replaced by historical tongues

Followed by the sound of a propelled crash

Were you alone when it happened?

You stop to look back, but

You don't remember where it happened

Nor how long ago

You don't remember where you've been, but

There is something familiar about where you are now

As though you've been here before

Is there anyone here who would recognize you?

But, who would they be?

Past, present or future witnesses to your presence?

Were you flying home when you crashed?

Where are you from?

You are traveling along the desert

With a subconcious destination

Guiding your direction

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