Reflection Song

by Dominick Nunes

Reflection Song



Move over Marley

It's my time to sing


There once were two brothers,

Reflection and Redemption


We need not fear Redemption

He will find us soon enough


It is Reflection we must locate

For he is the one who has been lost


So drop the act, for just one second

Do your thing, and don't look back

Being clear is for the weak

Being strong is all critique


Fasten your seat belt, pick up the slate

Gun the Delorean to 88,

Don't change,

Don't regret,

Don't pity

Just see.


Freedom is as much of an illusion as tyranny,

And invisible cages and hidden chains

Will continue to restrain


There once were two brothers,

Reflection and Redemption,

Together they founded the city of Thought

Reflection was killed by Redemption

At the time the great battle was fought


Hail King Redemption! Long live the King!


We will be your servants

If that is what you claim

But you will never stop the masses

From praising your brother's name


For we cannot live our lives,

In terms of consequences,


Reward, Punishment, Whatever?


Redemption is the future, based on what is past,

Reflection is the present, the only thing that lasts


Embrace the journey


Ride the Firefly


The treasures will reveal themselves

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