The Lake

by Rebecca Hutto

There is a lake behind an old church off of West Trinity Lane. I frequently and literally would find myself wandering in the direction of this lake. My curiosity was inevitably drawn to its murky mysteries and the oak trees that hovered over it created shadows that seemed ominous. As it would seem apparent to an individual to avoid the lake's angry aura, I had been drawn to it. Even on the brightest of days, the lake was somehow glum. Irony overcame my senses, for I would only find myself engulfed in its abnoralities when I was in search of comfort. The journey toward the lake left me clumsy and questioning; clumsy were my steps and so inquisitive was I about my almost involuntary actions. Why had I chosen the lake as my sanctuary? Why this depressed lake? It became a goal for me to answer this question with every step I took as well as with a different answer. I began to gaze to my left at what I thought might possibly be the sun's ray. How unusual it was to catch a glimpse of sunlight through the treetops, how unusual it was here. Nevertheless, just as radiant. It was, in fact, the sun's light. As I stared in awe, I thought of how amazing it would be to see the sunlight reflecting off the lake's surface. But, that would never occur. I was moved to expand and manipulate this idea. I wanted to create it. Although my intelligence was high, my imagination was much more extensive and I had chosen to let my thoughts remain with it. I continued to stroll towards the lake. As I did, I passed a few tree frogs and, with every "ribbit", it almost seemed as if they stopped to say "hello". The air was filled with the scent of maple leaves, however, I knew that maple trees were no where around. After stepping over a few bushes and pushing aside some branches, I had reached the lake. There, with its deep and muddy waters, it felt empty, as if it were deceased. I squated on a rock a few feet away from the edge and thought. I pondered my life: its flaws, its beauties, and its values. Then, after a strong realization which came to me ever so quickly, I realized that the lake made me remember everything that was good. Seeing the negativity the lake possessed forced me to understand that one always has to acknowledge how cherished life is.

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