Robinson Crusoe and the Aliens

by Dimitre Zlatinov

It was not his fellow compatriots who rescued Robinson Crusoe from his deserted island. It was not the savages from the neighbouring islands who found him. Nor was it God.

It was the aliens who, in the end, saved Robinson Crusoe.

Robinson Crusoe had never heard of aliens existing. When he saw their flying saucer descending from the sky, he decided that the angels were coming to collect his soul. However, the aliens denied having anything to do with God of whose existence them declared of never heard.

It took the aliens quite an effort to explain to Robinson Crusoe who they were and where they were coming from. They said that their star was not visible from the Earth. That it was not even in the Milky Way nor in any other galaxy in this universe. That they were from another universe but were sucked in by a black hole and then spat out in this universe. That it was extremely unlikely for them to find their way back.

Robinson Crusoe understood the aliens well. In many ways they were not different than him - castaways in a foreign and hostile universe. He hugged every one of them and to everyone he said not to despair. Then he invited them all to be his guests on the island as long as they wanted.

As Robinson Crusoe was making the invitation, it dawned on him that this was not a personal invitation anymore. That in this moment he was representing not the whole of humanity, but each and every creature on this small planet and even all the living beings in the whole vast universe a universe made of more than one hundred billion galaxies many much bigger than The Milky Way.

Robinson Crusoe did not feel stranded on his tiny island any more. In some unknown before to him way, he felt extended. Myriad invisible rays suddenly were connecting him with everything and everyone in this universe and even beyond it - to another universe from which these creatures had come.

His kindness astonished the aliens. It made them stop feeling lost and lonely in the new universe. A newborn hope shone on them and for the first time they felt at ease. Gratefully, they accepted Robinson Crusoe's invitation, which he had gradually extended, first, to the whole planet, then to the whole of the Milky Way and, in the end, to the entire universe.

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