The Ice Skater

by Stephen Mabe

And so I began my spin. I started off a bit wild, but after the first rotation I gained much more grace. The spiral seemed to go so fast, but so very slow at the same time. I watched as everything around me passed by over and over again. My head rushed from excitement, fear, and pure adrenaline. The adrenaline, though, ran through not only my pounding head, but all the rest of my body also. All of my muscles tensed suddenly, causing more pain than it should have. I grinded my teeth together so hard that I could feel tiny grit in my mouth. My fists clinched together as tight as a death grip.

I closed my eyes for a moment or two (or maybe just secondswelldefinitely seconds) just so I wouldn't have to watch. As I opened them once again I noticed a woman I had seen once before through my pass. She had the look of someone begging to make it through. She was most definitely cheering for me. And then she gasped while cupping her mouth. In the next instant she was gone.

Steven Tyler's voice cried out, "Sweeeeeeet, Eeeemooootion" in the background as the guitar ceased it's riff. The music blared but I heard it only in small breaks.

Then the fear that was already there began to escalate. Where would I end up after this trick? What had I gotten myself into? Would I ever be able to pull of such a stunt? And would my landing be smooth, or hard, very hard? I feared the latter. I was going just a smidgen too fast, and somewhere lost control.

Then the latter came true and I came to my halt. I crashed intensely into the snowy ditch. My head flew forward slamming into the steering wheel. Instantly I bounced back as a thin line of blood ran down my forehead. My windshield shattered as steam rose from the busted motor, and the black ice that I laid victim to sat there sneakily ready for it's next Ice Skater.

The End.

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