Standing Out From the Crowd

by Paula Phillips

If you saw me standing there in the midst of a crowd and pointed me out, I would be surprised. Not shocked but surprised. Why you might ask its because I am the girl who nobody notices, the plain Jane or the DUFF the designated ugly fat friend though fat is not a term I would use maybe a little stocky but definitely not fat.

Though, all that changed a week ago when I was at yet another music concert jotting down notes and observing not only the mind-numbing but handsome singer but the crowd who seemed with every lyric sung drawing closer and closer to the stage.

It was almost as if the voice of the singer was hypnotising them into a mindless brain-dead zombielike trance. Really , how on earth was I to make this review sound like something worth publishing , I could just imagine my editors response when he came across the sentence the lead singer made the crowd look like brain-dead zombies , that sentence might have flown with an independent magazine but not with Now Thats What I call Edgy Music of the Future.

There was something definitely off with this singer though, Hunter McClane had risen through the charts with his band within only a few weeks and now his poster was that which adorned plenty of girls walls and desks. I had to talk to him, get a few words from him for the piece in Now thats what I call Edgy if I did that, then my boss would be ecstatic and I could be moved from the desk of concert reviewing.

Now how on earth to get his attention? I could do something completely silly like crowd surf and embarrass myself stupid or I could just imagine a confident suave charming woman and waltz towards the stage. All of a sudden it was like time stopped, I stared up from my handy-dandy Ipad where I had been taking notes and what do you know, it was freaky he was staring right at me as he sung, his blue eyes piercing through into my soul. I wanted to turn away but I couldnt, there was something mysterious about them that I just couldnt put my finger on.

Since this was the last set, I shook from the trance his eyes had put me into and was suddenly filled with this burst of confidence. I had never felt this way before, it was electrifying my body tingled with excitement and something else that I had experienced but not to this full extent. It was the feeling of arousal mixed with butterflies fluttering like they were about to burst out my ribcage.

With this newfound burst of confidence, I waltzed passed the stage and up to the security tent. There standing were two big burly bodyguards, again the old me would have been a scared , frightened little girl but this confidence was exhilarating and I felt like nothing could stop me from seeing and getting a word in with Hunter McClane.

One minute he wasnt there, the next standing right in front of me was Hunter McClane in the flesh. Up close he was hotter than on he was on stage, tattooed and looking like a bad boy yet at the same time, he held this calming effect and the look of someone shy, hiding behind a mask of the bad boy rock and roller. Let her through he told the two guards and it was like the parting of the red sea , as they moved one to each side and let me through.

He reached out and touched my hand as in to say hold on and follow me. With that one touch my mind started racing, I had never felt this way about anyone. Thoughts of sexual fantasies that I didnt even know existed starting racing through my mind as I could imagine him taking me to his room and lying on his bed, he would start to serenade me with a song naked, his body tattooed but not overdone. His right nipple pierced and glistening in the light waiting to be licked. I would walk over to him, as he strummed his guitar I would slowly but seductively start to remove my clothing till we were both naked then he would chuck his guitar aside and pull me closer where I would feel his raw passion building up against me.

Making me wet and aroused, he would glide his cock near me , just touching my area with the tip of his cock, making me moan and want him more. Once I couldnt take anymore, he would with one quick thrust push it in and fuck me like crazy. I would orgasm not once or twice but three times which I thought was impossible.

Ahem a cough in the background snapped me out of the fantasy I was playing in my mind, embarrassed I wondered what Hunter thought of me and hoped to God I wasnt actually playing out the actual fantasy with my body language. He stood there in front of me, watching me intently and in that moment I knew what I was feeling could actually happen as I looked down and noticed the bulge growing hard against his tight black jeans.

This time, when he touched my hand the tingle was still there, that electrifying pulse I had felt before was travelling through my body and I could feel my heart start to race. He pulled me closer this time for real and said follow me , I followed like a lovesick puppy who was about to get a taste of her favourite bone.

We walked down the hall and into a room, he locked the door behind me and led me to his bed and then out of his mouth in a mouth-watering tone which would leave any woman whimpering he said nine words that made me know that tonight I Skye Sailsbury, the concert reviewer for Now Thats what I call Edgy Music of the Future was about to have sex of with a rock- star and not just any rock-star but the Hunter McClane.

Those nine words were, "Now lets play out that sexual fantasy of yours".

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