by Alex Schumer

Through out a persons life there is a war going on. It is a war of life and death for some. As opposed to other conflicts there are clear sides. If is very important that you are on the right side. It is a war of good and evil. It is a war of life and death. This war cannot been seen or heard or smelt. Yet every person will be affected by it. This war will cause much sweat, pain and tears. Although your side may get resupplied over time but even with the right ingredients it will still be a tough fight. For days or weeks at a time you will become weak.

You will be able to feel the fire of war burning inside you. The pain that spreads and is fought back every day will be a constant thought in your head. Muscles will be used and then soar when relaxed. That is the minimum price we must pay for this conflict.

The battlefields are every where. Some will be closer to home and others will be in distant corners. No matter how far away or how near these battlefields are they will be felt every day. These battles have no sense of time. They will rage all day and all night until no one is left standing on the opposing side. To lose these battles would be the ultimate sacrifice one could make.

With todays technology and science we can predict who will win. Thankfully it is our side that usually wins. Only the young and strong will live to see the end of such a war.

With the war over, it is time to rebuild. We are able to relax for the first time in several weeks. High spirits return to most who live through it. We can relax until the day comes when we must go fight an identical war. For now and I will sit on the couch and enjoy my time.

I hate being sick.

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