In the Lora's Diary.

by Zoha Javed.

Dear diary,

I was sitting at the shore of the beach. Calm wind ruffled and blew my hairs about my shoulders. The wind was fairly better. I felt a bit positive. It really seemed as though the wind was my friend, giving me support, encouragement and calmness to me that I never had from my friends. It was after a month when my parents were dead.and I w-was left alone in the world.

Dear diary, now when I have no parents, I really have came to know and understand that what are parentstheir importance in our life. Hundred times a day, I ask myself that why_ why I did not care about my parents. What were they? I easily answer myself that they were gifts from God.they were angels.who cared about me so much. More than there own lives. Yes, they cared about my wishes, feelings and desires. Who actually understood me, completely understood me. But I, myself, have given damn to them. All the day, I remained away from them.spent time with my friends.going to parties.enjoying my life. I did not care about them and was always rude towards them. Why? Because they told me that whatever I did was wrong, that I would spoil my life one day, because they advised me, not to hang out with bad friends and boyfriends. But I neglected everything they told me. I meant them to be stupid and retarded.

But now when they are gone, I came to know that, yes, whatever they said was true.

My friends loved me. Why? Because I was incredibly rich. But now I am poor and weak. Why? Because they had robbed me. I am not myself. I am rather afraid of this hell like world. I am spoiled. My character is spoiled. Why? Because I have been betrayed by my friends.because I aminsulted by my classmates

I know why all this had happened to me. Because I never obeyed my parents.gave them no importance in my life while they loved me very much.

Oh! Diary, please tell every one that to never annoy their parents, never to disobey them.

                       Its a shame. I am a shamenever disobey your parents!

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