My Nightmarish Story.

by Zoha Javed.

It was a nightmarish night. The sky was covered with dark grey clouds which thundered after every minute. There was something unusual about the night, I felt. It seemed as though something bad..something evil was going to happen. Something bloody..something oddly bad. The eerie atmosphere was hallucinating me. After every moment I felt as though something was watching me or someone was walking beside me . Somebody, whom, I dont want to see. I had an odd feeling that there were some invisible evil creatures, enchanting me.

A long deserted path stood in front of me. On either sides, laid the dense woods. The gigantic trees met over my head. Slight cool wind blew my hairs back. I felt myself shiver as slightly as was the wind. Suddenly, the wind started blowing rather hastily, making my goose flesh to erupt out. The fine hairs on my arms stood up, perfectly erected. But all the while I walked; avoiding the bizarreness of night..telling myself repeatedly that everything was part of my imagination. A tiny twinkling and shimmering thing came to my view. Walking towards it I realized that it was a blade. I crouched down to pick up it. And as I did so I felt someone beside me. I was sure that that was not any kind of part of my imagination. But that it was real. My heart started beating violently and aimed towards my Adams apple. I wanted to scream but as I opened my mouth, no voice came out. I started trembling. The fear touched my veins. I did not know that why the hell I could not resumed the angle of my body. Then, I felt a stiff hand on my shoulder. My legs started trembling fiercely. But still I did not dare look at my back. The hand pulled me back, so that I would straighten which I did. It was a soft male voice which said, don't be afraid

I took a deep long breath. After all whoever he was, I knew he was a human. I turned to face him. A handsome but a sharp looking man came to my view. His eyes gleamed in the dark, showing red and extra swelled eyes. His pupil, sharp green. It was when I was examining his eyes when his eye-pupil turned black. It uneased me. But was it my imagination? No of course not. I saw with my own two eyes that his eyes were green but the very next moment my eyes witnessed them turn blackas well.

. be terrified

He opened his mouth wide. Two sharp fangs came to my view, lurching my was really nightmarish. He put his hand at my neck and forced it to title back. I felt something sharp at the side of my neck. Next moment, all I knew was that I was in terrible agony _ he was sucking my blood greedily, giving me no pleasure but just a terrible pain.

Next morning, I found myself on a stretcher. I felt extremely weak and dizzy. Then after few minutes, I guessed what could have brought me here. I nearly jumped up in my bed but a nurse dressed neatly in white uniform, shoved me back in the stretcher.

You need to rest. said the nurse warningly.

Slowly, the haphazard yesterdays night circuited in my mind; the long deserted path.the blade.the was perfectly nightmarish.

Thanks to God. I am still alive. But, yes, weak. I can never forget that night.never in the present life though. Well, now I have promised my family that I will never leave my house in frustration or in annoyanceGod, never.

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