Your Blanket

by Quincey G

Your blanket,

wrapping you up tight inside, keeping you secure and warm, always.


What you need is security, a place where youre comfortable and free to be yourself,

a hiding place from-time-to-time, a place where you can rest;

you yearn to cuddle up underneath a blanket that is actually long enough to cover your feet,

keeping your whole body, and your world comfortable and warm.


Your blanket,

soothing you to sleep, you feel so safe and comfortable, that your body and mind can now have a well needed rest.


You lay there, so weary and weak, and all I want to do is be like a blanket for you;

a blanket to shield you from the frigid world, from frustration and the many disappointments of life,

bringing you solace during those days, months, and years, when nothing is going your way.


Your blanket,

allowing you a long, and much needed slumber, youre now ready to face things once again.


You have awakened after your rest, emerging from underneath your warm, protective, and comfortable blanket;

your mind is clear, your body has a renewed strength, and any wounds of the heart have been healed a bit,

giving you back the desire, confidence, and the hope in the world which you once had.

You feel warmth and love again because of your blanket.

Your blanket is me.

Your blanket is my love and friendship wrapped around you.

Your blanket is warmth, truth, and protection, always.


(c) quinceycg 1/16/2013

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