Love on My Own

by Quincey G


Felt only on my own

Confined to the inner sanctions of my mind, only for me to know.



I walk with you hand in hand

A pretend moonlight stroll down a busy city street, or a long daytime ramble in the woods.



My heart skips a beat as you walk beside me

Your eyes burn through me as you steal a quick glance out of the corner of your eye



We walk alone together until morning

All I see, all I feel, is you and me and nothing of the real world, where my heart is shattered into pieces



I watch as you give your heart away

The words that I heard you secretly profess to me, you now utter in someone elses ear



With all of my heart and soul I know that we are not the forever and forever I see in my mind, or feel in my heart

You only exist in my mind, where all I see is starlight and infinite possibilities with your arms around me



I am jolted awake from my dream

I see that without me your world goes on, you happy and blissful with her, while mine stops turning



I realize that love on my own, without you, does not keep me from the true happiness Id dreamed of only with you

My love is true, so when youre happy I will have already found the joy I thought I d never know without you.


(c) quinceycg 1/12/2013

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