Will You Hear the Sound, Allow It to Soften Your Heart to Mine?

by Quincey G

Can you see me?

Do you really hear me?

Are you able to feel my presence?

Have you paid attention to my attempts when I try to reach out to you?

Do you care?

Can you stop and take a moment out for me?

Will you open up your heart to my inner voice?

Cant you see that my intentions are genuine?

Does your heart feel that my appreciation and gratitude are pure?

Are you listening?

Or are you too busy to hear the cries of my heart and soul?

Have you finally opened your eyes?

Has your heart been softened, finally able to allow me in?

Can you hear me now?

What do you hear now?

Do you hear the soft and loving voice of friendship?

Is your heart now open and able to feel the gentle sound of concern and appreciation from my heart?

Listen to that sound carefully, and let it be a sweet lullaby that softens your heart to mine.


(c) quinceycg 1/8/2013

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