It Can Only Be Shared With Three Little Words!

by Quincey G

Three little words,

they change things so drastically;

they take only moment to utter,

but a lifetime to really mean.


Three quick beats,

my heartbeat races, its pace a marathon of exhilaration, bliss, and fear;

never before have I run such a gamut of emotions,

especially not all at the same time - I know that Im in trouble now.


My physical body cant keep up,

emotions and my heart have passed it by miles;

addicted to the feeling, even though Im scared and need to run at times, I need to come back for more.


I must get off this roller coaster,

stop for just a second to catch my breath;

just the thought of you overwhelms me, makes you loose my balance and feel faint.


A life full of magic and fantasy,

I realized that you were the one when I asked myself, "Why couldn't I have met you from the beginning?";

when I think back on life before you, there was no color, now all I see is a magical rainbow.


I am on the ride of a lifetime,

one that keeps me scared, excited, and happy and sad all at the same time;

I've been searching for a way to share what youve given me,

and I found only three little words that will do-



(c) quinceycg 1/10.2013

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