My Eyes Are Now Open, No Longer Afraid to Look Where I’m Going.

by Quincey G

Open your eyes,

dont dare let them shut

Your future awaits you; infinite possibilities, dreams come true discovered, so just let your heart decide


Through your eyes I see my life, and a rainbow of colors flashes right before me

Red - the fire raging inside my belly, fueling the passion I feel for living each day to the fullest,

which is ignited and inspired by you and the way you live life so passionately

Black - the reality of how we must walk through moments of darkness in life,

in order to come out the other side

Yellow - the comforting and bright heat that warms me right to my soul,

which I feel only because you have shown me what is on the other side of the darkness


Open your eyes,

dont dare let them shut

There are so many fantasies to be lived, and important lessons to learned; all you need to do is be a willing student


Through your eyes I see my life, and I learn more and more about emotions and the world just to be more like you

Compassion - the key to true understanding and love for myself,

because you have shown me by example that when one feels compassion for others, they truly love themselves

Love - the deepest of all emotions, the hardest to describe, and the most difficult to submit to at times,

to truly love another is to see the face of God, and when I was blessed with you, I was able to see that face more often


Open your eyes,

dont dare let them shut

An attitude of gratitude has brought you far; your heart is bursting, you see your glass as half full, and life is a source of contentment


Through your eyes I see my life, and what has been revealed to me is slideshow of everything that Id ever hoped for

Good - every moment when the unexpected became a reality,

and each and every moment when I thought that I had it all figured out, but then it was all turned on its head

Bad - learning that most valuable lesson of all,

accepting that like a muscle, I becomes stronger only through the hard work of becoming tired and weary

Fulfillment - when I can finally say that my cup of life is overflowing,

when Ive faced all of the ups and downs of the world, and am no longer afraid to look where Im going anymore

I have you to thank for showing me how to open my eyes, and dont dare let them shut!


(c) quinceycg 1/13/2013

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