What Are You Going to Do With This Cherished Snap Shot?

by Quincey G

What can possibly be worth the sacrifice?

A beautiful day,

filled with unexpected and rare sunshine inside and out,

a warm breeze to caress your hair, your skin, your life.


How many of these rare moments will you have to enjoy for awhile?



maybe three?

The answer is none, actually. Today is a special gift, with an expiration date of today.


Have you allowed something to tear you away from today?

There was no walk in the fresh air,

nor any sunshine to kiss your cheeks and skin a golden brown.

You did not allow yourself to drink up the beauty that is usually asleep until spring.


When the night starts to approach, what now?

The air has turned colder,

the wind picks up and are not so clam as before.

Something has gone to waste, tragically and carelessly thrown away,

and youre now unable to retrieve it.


Is there anything you can do now?


Breathe, flow, and do not allow the outside world to tear you away ever again;

remembering that smiles, and being an active participant in life is a must,

make sure you jump at each and every rare moment of joy and bliss that comes your way.

After all, these moments dont repeat themselves like a song stuck on rewind,

and what youre meant to take away from each of these experiences is priceless,

meant to be shared for years to come like a cherished snap shot.


(c) quinceycg 1/14/2013

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