God Likes Opera?!

by Immanuel De La Cruz

You know, I was thinking, God is the God of everyone. People with different likes, dislikes, cultures, and so on. Some of those likes I think are boring. Some of those cultures I dont care to learn about. Yet, my God is the God of that, and he doesnt think its boring. Does he like it?

For instance, history bores me, and I wouldnt go to the opera if I got paid to (on second thought, at this point in my life, I might actually take the offer). But some people cant get enough of history they even teach it. Others love the opera and would spend every weekend going to one if they could (and probably do). God goes with them.

God hears the opera singer. If she is a Christian and is singing to the Lord, He smiles down upon it, listening to every syllable with delight. Agh! That would drive me insane!

I guess thats a reason why Im glad Im not God. Not to say, God, it sucks that you have to listen to all that boring stuff. I think rap music is amazing, yet others might think just the opposite. They wouldnt be caught dead listening to rap music. Does that mean God thinks rap music is boring? Does he not look upon His children rapping and hear every syllable as well?

When I was writing my rap song for my friends a few weeks ago, before I started writing each day, I would pray, Lord, let whatever words I use glorify you and honor my friends. And thats just what it did. The rap was a hit with my friends on facebook. I dont believe that God was sitting back on his thrown, arms crossed, with a sour face saying, I have to help you write this again?! I dont like rap. Its boring! I believe that God was delighted to help me, because rap is important to me. I like rap, and who gave me a gift to rap anyhow? (Rhetorical question.)

God delights in his children, and he loves to put a smile on our faces. He gave us gifts so that we can be happy doing whatever we are doing, wanting us to use those gifts to do it. Now, Im not suggesting everything should be fun, but a gift shouldnt be used very little, but as much as it can be used. Thats why it is good to get a job that fits well with our gifts.

So my point is this: I may dislike what someone else likes, but if both of those things are bringing glory to God by the one doing it, God likes it. Does that mean there will be opera in heaven? Or rap music? And who will perform these? What if someone liked rap here on earth but never made it as a professional, and in heaven they wanted to rap? Will they be allowed to, seeming as to how they werent considered good enough on earth? But good enough is a term we put to it. God doesnt pay the performer, we do. Im sure that someone who is terrible at rapping but seeks to please God with it, the sound is pleasing to Gods ears. How? I dont know. When the Bible says were made in His image, I wonder if it meant ears, too.

But just as Gods ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts loftier than ours, Id imagine his taste in music is different than our taste, or even our idea of it for that matter. But hey, He created, we discovered, and now were here at this point. The next time you listen to something you like, thank God for it. And the next time you listen to something that isnt your type, thank God for it too (unless its like Satanic music or degrades Gods creation or something), because someone likes it, and if it is aimed at glorifying God, we dont have to listen to it, but we can appreciate those who do.

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