The Dreams of Being a Quinn

by Tessa Weingates

There's this sound in my head doc, it just doesn't end. It's loudest in complete silence. Though I never hear silence all I ever hear is this whirring kind of noise mixed with a humming, see? No shsshsshhhhs shhh ......... Hear that? Of course you don't but I do. In all forms of quiet I hear it. Like a mechanical sound forever whirring and buzzing and humming. I'm not crazy. It's there, your mind isn't tuned to hear it though, your only on one wave length, one radio station, if you will. While my mind is busy on a higher frequency, I can hear what you hear and more. Doc, open up your mind, listen with me.I have a question for ya, if crazy people don't know they're crazy, than how can you be sure you are sane? Oh, well of course! We trained professionals to determine such things, but how can we be sure that they are sane themselves? What if I'm the sane one, and your the INsane one? What a world that would be, hmm? They do say genius border lines crazy, so maybe those geniuses out there are creeping closer to sanity whilst those average and below are falling deeper into the rabbit hole. Oh, don't retaliate with 'only the insane run in circles expected a different result' or whatever the saying is, because that describes perfectly the daily lives of most if not all sane people out there. Day in, day out. Working, eating, socializing, sleeping, repeat and yet they expect more. Now I bet you're going to try and tell me that those of sound mind have plans, but have you ever stopped to consider that plans don't always work out? Yet we keep making them, keep expecting them all to follow through, keep expecting everything to 'go as planned'. Tell me how is that not like doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result? How is that not like the mentally unstable. See I have no plan, no expectations, so nothing can disappoint me and everything always works out. Oh and my results are always changing. I think I'm far more fit of mind than you or anyone else here, so maybe I should be running this freak show!

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