Suffering Episode 2

by Logan Grimes

     "Whoa! What?" Jack wondered.

     "Someone placed the barbwire on to the road on purpose." Jessie said.

     "Dumb fuck hillbilly trash!" Carley yelled.

     Jessie threw the barbwire to the ground, and grabbed a bag from her car. She turned and tossed the bag to me. "You're the mule," she said.

     "Uh, okay, what for?" I asked.

     "We're looking for help."

     "Oh we're coming." Carley voulenteered.

     "Whoa babe, I don't want to go trailing into the woods." Jack said.

     "Fine sit your fucking ass in the car in the meantime!"


     Then Jack went and sat in the stationwagon.

     "I'll come with you guys." Tim said.

     So, the four of us walked up the road with the hope of finding help. Tim and Carley were very nosey because they wanted to know my life story. I didn't have much to say.

     "So do you have a girlfriend or something?" Tim asked.

     "Yeah, her name is Jenny. She is the only happy thing in my life." I said.

     "How nice," Carley said.

     "Sounds better than your relationship with Jack." Tim said.

     "Go fuck yourself, Tim!" she yelled.

     Carley looked nineteenyears old. She had red hair tied up in a bun. She wore a shirt that showed her stomach and jean shorts.

     Jessie was a twin with Tim. She had long black hair with jeans and a white t-shirt.

     Jack was just sitting in the stationwagon playing the latest version of Angry Birds on his phone when he heard a crackling noise. Jack turned off his phone, and put it his pocket.

     He got out of the car, and said,"Hello?"

     Jack got closer to the bushes. "Carley?" he asked.

     There was no answer, and the bushes continued moving. Jack got closer, took a deep breath, an looked in the bush. A racoon runs out of the bush and down the road.

     "God damn vermon!" he told himself.

     Then a person comes behind Jack, and wraps barbwire around his throat. Jack struggles as he was dragged into the woods. All was left was his blood leading into the bushes.

     My head wound was still hurting from the crash. I grabbed my head, and then I heard a meow come from behind me. I turned and there was no cat in sight.

                                                    To Be Continued...

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