A Boy With No Name(first Paper)

by Zachary Fisher

          It all began with the birth of a child, a child born into a golden world slowly collapsing in on its self. A golden world that was being destroyed by those who had created it, by those who took and never gave in return and on one morning this child was brought into existence. A baby boy who at first thought to be normal would learn that was far from the case. The life of this child started as any other however, at a young age it was noted that this boy excelled intellectually. For the first years he maintained excellent marks on his studies but this soon changed. Around the twelfth year of life interest in his studies started to decline. The boy was seen as unintelligent for his disinterest in the prescribed studies of his society. To him what was expected was meaningless. He saw no purpose in what he was told was necessary to be worth anything in the golden world. He didnt understand how he was any better for being taught the same thing as all the others and how this needed knowledge improved his ability to be something in a golden world knowing the same and nothing more. Over the next few years he started to become the things he was told were the evils of their society. He associated with those who supposedly had no future in the golden world, took interest in things seen as forbidden and listened to the words of those who spoke of evil, hatred, and death. The most interesting part to him was how the golden world condemned these things but never knew what they actually stood for. While the golden world called these things evil the evil spoke of the cruel way the golden world would treat those of difference. He saw that if one didnt fit the mold that had been created, despite their abilities they would be tossed to the side like trash and labeled as defective. He saw how so many went to all extremes to fit a constantly changing mold that hated you if you didnt fit and those who did fit were extorted and prodded to their breaking point and destroyed for the entertainment of all. The leaders and persons called role models commit crimes and contributed to the system of human destruction and were rewarded for it while the man who didnt want to be a part of the hatred was ridiculed and convicted of the crimes of those above him. The words of the evil told him he was good enough while the golden world that condemned the evil shoved all his flaws in his face and told him what he had to be and that refusal meant worthlessness. The boy had learned the truth of the golden world. He learned of the disease they spread and the blanket they placed over their flaws while criticizing the evil ones for the same imperfections. He noticed how when the evils did good the golden world closed their eyes and took no notice yet if the evil ones didnt meet the expectations let by their society they were publicly mocked for it. He saw how the frequent crimes committed by the perfect ones of the golden world were so easily over looked but the same crime of a rare occurrence of those looked down upon was strictly scrutinized form head to toe to get the maximum reaction. At this point it was evident to him that the only way to fix all the damage done would be to destroy the golden world and start a new world where he could be rid of the hypocrisies and hate the golden world lived off of. He gained support from the oppressed and in the shadows the prepared for their strike on the world above. He had become the animal they golden world despised for no reason. In his eyes he only saw hate. Everything the golden world idolized disgusted him and after much time of preparation they were ready to strike. It happened in an instant and shocked the golden world but ultimately failed. And in the end he was not known as a hero for his attempt to purify the golden world of the infestation it thrived on. And he was neither seen as a villain for his attempt. No. After all his effort the he was only a number with no name in the death toll. And the lesson was not learned and the golden world went on feeding off the decay of its self, doomed to continue the cycle of hate and self-destruction.

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